A Journey through the Afterlife at British Museum near Russell Square Hotels

Press Release   •   Sep 21, 2010 14:15 IST

Russell Square is a magnanimous garden square, which flaunts some great features of London. Visitors will also find some remarkable events happening in part of the city. Join in the fabulous celebration of these events, planned in autumn season. With a spectacular sense of art, beauty and leisure, you will be driven to the richness of this place. To spend a great time at this part of London, visitor can book one of the Russell Square hotels.

Journey through the Afterlife: the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead will be a great autumn event for the travellers, planned to be run from 4th of November 2010 to 6th of March 2011. Visitors will be able to attend it in the British Museum. It is going to be a miraculous display of artefacts and stories related in the “Book of the Dead”, which is a traditional book of the Egyptian faith. It relates to the creeds of Egyptian culture, of the life that moves after the death. Find the secrets unrevealing themselves at the hymns, prayers, enchants and the story that rolls to salvation. A very impressive collection shall surround you, with a lot of things to be explored and excavated from thousands of year’s old Egyptian culture, at this event. Exploring the coffins, Hapy, statues, Isis, amulets and things revealing the funeral tradition, will need a good time of your vacations. So settle down at one of the hotels in Russell Square. A rich option at this rich place will bring enough options for visitors with different economic requirements. Look for options ranging from bed and breakfast hotels to plush five star hotels.


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