ADCs Prepare for a Comeback: With Potent Drugs and Stable Linker Technology

Press release   •   Sep 05, 2013 14:23 IST

Cytotoxic drugs appended to antibodies for site specific delivery seems like a smart answer to cancer. The technology, known as Antibody Drug Conjugate is not new to the oncology sector, but, could not realize its true potential until now. Significant advancements in the past few years have fuelled interest in ADCs. This renewed interest in ADCs will have a significant contribution in the growth of the market for cancer mAbs, which is to reach US$ 34 Billion by 2017.

According to our report, “Cancer Monoclonal Antibodies Market Forecast to 2017”, the market for cancer mAbs would be influenced by advancements in the field of ADCs with respect to potency of drugs attached and improved linker technologies. It also highlights other such trends which would be instrumental in shaping the market.

The recent FDA approval of Seattle Genetics’ Adcetris and Roche’s Kadcyla has prompted other manufacturers to join the lead of ADC producers. Hence, ADCs have secured a position in the product pipeline of many cancer drug manufacturers and have advanced into clinical trials with promising results. Therefore, it is apparent from the recent progress that the future will witness significant contribution from ADCs in the field of cancer therapy.

The report provides a detailed study of the global burden of cancer, with current and future predictions and region wise analysis. It introduces the client to the monoclonal antibody technology, with profiles of each cancer mAb including their mechanism of action.

After an absolute study, we divulge that that majority of the mAbs in the pipeline are in phase III trials with most of them devoted to Solid Tumor, Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer, and NHL. The approval of these drugs will drive a major change in the market in terms of market share of current mAbs. As evident from our pipeline analysis, Roche seems to be devoting major chunk of its R&D on oncology with drugs in pipeline focusing on over 30 varied indications.

We have also provided a country level analysis with focus on Europe, Japan and US. The segment contains current and future market predictions and latest regulatory approvals in each area. The report also contains a segment on global anti neoplastic market consisting of current and future market share of cancer mAbs.

In the end, we have concluded with a competitive analysis of the major mAb players, providing brief description of every player, market share, alongwith a list of current and pipeline mAbs.

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