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Press Release   •   Oct 20, 2010 12:10 IST

Snoring is a vibratory sound, caused by air forcing its way through the narrow gap between a relaxed tongue and soft tissue of the upper airway (soft palate, tonsil and pharyngeal surround and walls) during sleep.

SHOOSH holds the jaw in a forward position, thus opening the airways and stopping, or dramatically reducing, snoring. SHOOSH allows air to pass easily through the throat, instead of forcing its way through and causing vibration.

Effectively stops or improves snoring.

  • Invisible in closed mouth.
  • Cost effective.
  • Easy & quick to mould.
  • Lasts many months.
  • FDA Food grade material.
  • Used & recommended by doctors.
  • According to European research, loud regular snoring can result in:
  • 40 percent greater chance of having hypertension
  • 34 percent greater chance of having a heart attack
  • 67 percent greater chance of having a stroke

SHOOSH is the answer!

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