Adiquity launches Asia's first Real Time Bidding (RTB) Exchange for Mobile Ads

Press Release   •   Nov 08, 2011 12:04 IST

Adiquity Mobile Ads Platform announced the launch of its Real Time Bidding (RTB) exchange for Mobile Ads. This places Adiquity alongside a select group of global mobile RTB exchanges, and the first mobile RTB exchange fromAsia.

Adiquity enables Mobile Publishers generate higher monetary returns from theirMobileproperties. The global mobile ads platform works for the mobile publishers/developers and applies real time optimization on global ad inventory accessible through its Ad network partners from across the world.

Adiquity transacts 7+ Billion ads /month across 1200+ publishers, and 220+ countries from APAC,US, Europe and Africa.

The true crux of Adiquity's RTB platform lies in its sophisticated capabilities to take auction based decisions. It allows Media Buyers to bid in real time through RTB bidders for precisely defined individual ad impressions – leading to better ROI. The auction based approach combined with richer sharing of data allows Mobile Publishers get the best revenue realization from their mobile traffic.

Real Time Bidding has already taken rapid strides in the online display industry, and is expected to replicate a similar success in the mobile advertising space as well.

Adiquity RTB platform is based on the globally accepted Open RTB protocol, and allows a range of participants both on demand and supply side for both mobile web and mobile app inventory.

"Adiquity RTB platform is a testimony to our continued endeavour to make the mobile ads marketplace more efficient and attractive for our partners - both on demand and supply side. We are extremely happy to see our partners share our excitement on the possibilities that Adiquity RTB exchange brings about. Adiquity RTB exchange combined with the optimization platform offers a compelling proposition for publishers and media buyers across the spectrum" said Anurag Dod - CEO,

Adiquity ( is a part of, a venture funded company based in Bangalore, India. 

AdIQuity Global Mobile Ads Platform enables mobile apps developers and publishers better manage and monetize their mobile sites and applications through worldwide mobile ad inventory. It helps Premium Developers/Publishers and App aggregators to serve direct ads, cross sell/up sell ads and optimized AdIQuity ads through a single platform. It also provides a SaaS based full functionality Mobile Ad server that allows Ad agencies and Online Ad Networks create their own Mobile Ads offering. Access to a large and quality mobile traffic has made AdIQuity a preferred partner for various mobile ad networks across the world. To know more, visit

AdIQuity offerings are:

Mobile Ads Optimization: Better monetization of mobile apps/sites through optimized global ad inventory drawn from 30+ top ad networks around the world.

Premium Mobile Publisher Offering: Allows premium mobile apps/sites to serve Premium Direct Sales Ads, Cross-sell/Up-sell Ads, and AdIQuity Ads through AdIQuity's full functionality Mobile Ad Server.

RTB Exchange: 
AdIQuity is Asia's first Real Time Bidding (RTB) Exchange which allows Mobile developers and Media buyers to engage in a real time bidding model.

SaaS based Mobile Ad Server: Allows Large Publishers/Agencies/Ad Networks to access easy to use full functionality mobile ad server, and create their own Mobile Ads offering with absolute ease. As a SaaS based solution, AdIQuity does not require expensive hardware/software investment.