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Air Conditioner Parts: How To Use Them

Press Release   •   Sep 15, 2010 18:15 IST

Air conditioner parts are categorized into different categories, on the basis of their functionality and importance. There are parts that have warranty on them while others don’t. Replacing the air conditioner parts become important when they stop performing in a desirable way.

If you have an air conditioner store, you can extend your product range by selling the air conditioner parts as well. For this, you must learn about different categories of these parts and which of them can be replaced. This will help you obtain the right supply from the air conditioner parts suppliers. Here is a discussion that should be of good help to you.

The air conditioner parts can be divided into three categories which are described below:

Main AC Parts
The most important parts of air conditioners consist of a compressor, a condenser and an evaporator. The compressor compresses the refrigerant gas coming out of an evaporator into a high pressure gas. The compressed gas is then passed to a condenser where it absorbs heat from the surroundings. As you can see, all three main parts of an air conditioner perform important functions. Besides, there are other main parts of an air conditioner, including fans, expansion valve and refrigerant.

Supporting AC Parts
The working of an air conditioner is supported by a number of parts. Though, an air conditioner can work without these parts, but they are required to enable the device work desirably. Air conditioner filters and filter dryers are the supporting air conditioner parts.

Control Parts
Finally, there are some parts of an air conditioner that control its functioning. Thermostat, dampers and contactors are some of the parts in this category. Humidistat is also an important part of an AC that controls the humidity of the air.

So, which of these parts are of concern for an air conditioner owner? And which of these parts can be replaced? Compressor is one of the air conditioner parts that can develop fault with the passage of time. But, it can be repaired or replaced to keep up the performance of the air conditioner. You must sell the parts made by different air conditioner parts manufacturers as most of the AC owners prefer to purchase the compressor of the same brand as that of their AC.

Condensers and evaporators may also develop fault and they too can be replaced. Fans play an important role in heat dissipation and they too can be replaced if they don’t perform well. Moreover, fans are the easy-to-replace parts of AC. Heating and cooling coils are other parts that can be replaced. Many air conditioner owners wish to change the outer cover of an air conditioner to change its looks.

You can find the air conditioner parts suppliers at online business directories. These directories help you to explore the product catalogs of different suppliers so that you can choose the products of different brands and quality. Moreover, ordering through product catalogs help you save the cost of purchasing these air conditioner parts. Compare the deals offered by different suppliers and also refer to their reviews to choose the right supplier.

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