Aluminum Window Segment an Aesthetically Brilliant and Cost Effective

Press Release   •   Nov 09, 2011 12:52 IST

The segment of windows like any other segment has blended itself with various factors of convenience and also aesthetics. Like the wooden or vinyl based windows frame, the concept of aluminum has taken this segment by storm. Although many folks consider it to be a late entry in the window frames’ segment, aluminum has been an ‘in and out’ element since a long time.

A good majority of today’s window frames, be it via commercial buildings and even a good chunk of residential complexes utilize aluminum because of the combination of new technology, fabrication aspects and properties aluminum thrusts it.

In terms of windows, the casing (the frame in the general terminology) is made of aluminum and its advent has literary pushed wood and plastic almost out of business in the window frames’ segment with respect to the commercial buildings’ sector. These windows have many advantages as compared to traditional window frames. Some advantages which tilt the comparison in favor of aluminum are mentioned as follows:

  • Aluminum offers good strength and durability. It also provides a decent level of security cover.

  • The hard surfaces of aluminum window frames are capable of resisting external elements which manage to rot or wrap the casing.

  • Aluminum resists moisture like no other element.

  • This window will control the noise aspect better than other materials.

  • Aluminum in terms of windows and doors are quite economical with respect to pricing. As mostly aluminum is used in lots, the pricing comes down to the economical level and is cost effective as well.

  • Unlike many other materials, aluminum offers a good ease of maintenance.

  • Talking about standards, aluminum is capable of meeting the highest of standards of structural integrity, apart from meeting norms of water and air based infiltration.

  • In terms of architecture, there are certain specifications which only aluminum window frames can hold through. Plastic, wood and other materials may not be able to hold ground in many critical architectural aspects.

  • Overall quality wise, aluminum gets a more than decent rating.

The Slim Sight Line Advantage or the Core Aesthetically Pleasing Factor

The biggest advantage which an aluminum window has over other types is that it will look like a slim sight line which is very attractive and trendy, almost on the lines of an upscale housing outdoor. One other aesthetic aspect which gets hidden by other advantages is the availability of aluminum in many colors, almost any colors to be precise.

Advent of New Technology

The polyamide technology has enhanced the adaptability and usability of these windows. It directly or indirectly results into better thermal insulation and increased strength. In addition, the new scale of technology offers ‘dual color finish’ aspect which is like having a different color on the outside surface and a different color inside.

Though aluminum will be priced slightly higher than PVC systems, the ‘over and out’ advantages which aluminum offers to window frames and doors make the investment worth every penny. Also, an aluminum window carries the aesthetic look over the years as well.

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