Amazing Uses of Ironing Boards And Its Features

Press Release   •   Jul 25, 2013 13:23 IST

Ironing board is one of the most versatile and useful accessories which can be used for various purposes apart from ironing clothes. There are different types of boards which can be bought quite easily these days from many of the online stores. These boards or tables may vary in size and shape according to the requisites of individual users. There are both built-in and portable boards which can be bought from both online and offline stores.

Some Important Features:

Ironing boards vary in different features. Some of these features include the following:

Size: An average size board is 54 inches long and 15 inches wide. However the professional boards are even larger with a length of 63 inches and a width of 19 inches.

Height: The height of these tables also varies according to different companies. However, it is important to choose boards with a standard height. Boards which rise up to the hip levels are more often considered to be ideal. However, there are tables with different adjustable heights which can be bought accordingly.

Frame: It is also important to consider the frame of these tables. Most of these tables include light weight frames which are easy to move around and transport. However, it should be sturdy enough to hold the table in place.

Vent Holes: Most of these tables and boards include vent holes for the steam to escape. So before buying these tables, it is important to ensure that these tables have vent holes.

Adjustability: Choose tables which are adjustable and flexible. Most of these boards are adjustable and can be fixed to the appropriate level and height.

Iron Rest: The iron-rest feature is seldom included in all types of boards. Nevertheless, it is quite essential as this feature ensures that the iron is safely placed on the table without the possibility of falling off.

Ironing boards can be used for various other purposes once it has become old. It can be used as a sofa table to corral newspapers, remote controls and various other items. Some people even prefer to use these tables to place plants in the front of a window. Though it is a simple way of embellishing a home, it surely adds to the décor of the room.

These boards are often used as head boards on the wall behind the beds. The legs of these tables can be removed or folded. A few decorations on the board can add to its beauty.

Use of Boards as Buffet Tables:

These boards can also be used as buffet dining tables during evening parties and occasions. Decorate the table with a brand new cover so that it appears chic and classy. The table can be arranged with food stuffs, napkins, bottles, glasses and plates as it has the appropriate length and width. It can hold a number of dishes which depend entirely on the shape and size of these tables. Add a simple bouquet of flowers to embellish it. Paint or color the legs of the boards with a bright hue. The board can be placed anywhere at home to enjoy the buffet dinner.

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