Android and Windows Smartphones

Press Release   •   Feb 28, 2013 12:08 IST

Smartphones are actually mobile phones combining the technology and qualities of phones and PDA. Android Smartphones are Linux based touchscreen mobile devices. Starting in 2007, Android opened the gates for open standards for mobile devices. Adding to that its permissive licensing, it has become the world`s largest Smartphone platform. Android Smartphone has in fact, 75% of the Smartphone worldwide market share in the third quarter of 2012. Windows Smartphones debuted in the year of 2002. They were originally devised without touchscreens, and focused more on integrating the functions of phone and data device. Competition between the two giants is, needless to say, cut throat. Salient points as follows –

Size and features – the Android Smartphones definitely have an edge over the windows Smartphones as they have a larger variety of handsets to choose from. This may be due their greater market share and availability. Both are almost similar in providing their customers with the latest features but Windows Smartphone is slightly ahead with its fast and friendly specifications.

Price – Windows Smartphones usually win in the price of war between the two brands. Although Android handsets too are available from low to high range, but the high end models are comparatively costlier.

Applications – the major tussle and one-up-Manship between the two is over the matter of applications provided in each case. Android here seems to be the clear winner here, as they have approximately 7,00,000 applications that can be easily optimized for their Smartphones. Google, on the other hand, is behind with at the most 1,00,000 applications, with some key applications missing. Google play lags behind iTune application store, but this does not mean Android is perfect. In present scenario, though, it wins.

Upgrades – there are so many Android versions available, that Android Smartphone users can use the device as they please. Also, Apple being both software and hardware maker in case of iPhone, upgrades keep flooding the market. Windows though, has not been able to keep its end of the bargain in this ares. Its promised upgrades, especially in case of Windows phone 7.8 has failed and not reached the market yet.

Camera – uploading of photos to Instragram, Facebook etc., is still not that easy as it should be in, for example – an iPhone. Windows, on the other hand, have a more user friendly interface.

Speed – speed of an Android suffers due to the fact that it has a vast variety of handsets. Speed stability along with features of Android Smartphones vary due to the convenience that the variety of handset makers have, to change the software. Windows Smartphones score more here on the basis its great speed .

Both are world leaders in terms of technological advancement and research, quality management, and price optimization. In recent times though, the new player – Android has pipped Windows by grabbing a greater market share on account of the variety of models and open standards employed. Windows will have to gear up to meet the challenge.

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