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ANS Offers The Widest Range of Flexpod Solutions

Press Release   •   Aug 02, 2013 11:54 IST

London, UK – July 18, 2013: The Flexpod i3 architecture from ANS is designed keeping in mind the client requisites in terms of storage capacity, switch structures, and virtualization factors. The standardized architecture is totally validated by netapp, cisco, and VMware. ANS offers widest range of cisco netapp flexpod solutions for data centers. This unique data center architecture from cisco and netapp has enjoyed rave reviews from clients of higher reputation. The flexpod i3 deployment by ANS is still unrivalled in the British territories. Presently, there are five different types of Flexpod solutions available from ANS Group. Each has its own set of features and specialty. The five different options available are Flexpod 50, Flexpod 250, Flexpod 500, Flexpod 1000, and Flexpod 1000+. The number indicated is the total number of virtual machines being present in each of these series. Storage capacity of Flexpod 50, 250, 500, 1000, & 1000+ are 126 TB, 261 TB, 1.1 PB, 1.8 PB, and 2.7 PB respectively. Storage tiers followed by each of these flexpod series are SSD, SAS & SATA drives. With the help of Cisco Flexpod i3 design, the components of a data center are perfectly unified. This helps in enabling organizations to improve as well increase on their efficiency level in the IT network. ANS’s Flexpod solution is definitely a much more holistic and consultative approach towards the industry compartmentalization policy. About the company: ANS Group is an award winning expert in cloud computing. The company was founded in 1996. With offices in London and Manchester, the company enjoys a consistent 80% growth per annum since 2009. The present turnover of ANS Group is £47m. The company specializes in providing managed cloud based solutions for data centers. ANS is also presently the Net App Flex pod partner of the year.

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