Are Studio Lights Necessary For The Perfect Photography Experience

Press release   •   Dec 12, 2012 13:00 IST

We often wonder why the photographs we click are not as good as the ones taken by Ansel Adams or Henri Cartier-Bresson or even Annie Liebovitz. The main reason is their experience and their eye for details. The most important feature about good photography is lighting.

Most cameras have flash light facility. When the object being focused on lies in a dark background, you need light while clicking the photograph. A flash light in the camera is automatically turned on, when you click the photograph. It lasts only a few fraction of a second and lights the object. A professional is able to visualize the effect that a flash light can have. But for the ones who are not that experienced, it would do them good to resort to studio lights.

A studio lighting kit comes with two or three flash strobes and stands where you can fit them. There are soft boxes, color gels, umbrellas and a barn door with honey comb grids. There is also a wireless transmitter and receiver set along with a sync cord in the kit. If you select slightly high end kit, you will receive a backdrop as well. This acts as a neutral background to the object that you are photographing. The kit has a portable bag that makes it easy for you to take the studio lights with you if you are on the move.

Strobe lights are usually Xenon flash lights. They are rechargeable and require a few moments to get recharged. So once you have taken a shot with these studio lights give it time to get recharged so that you can take the next photograph. These lights can be mounted on the stands that come in the kit. The stands enable it to maintain the necessary height. While shooting portraits of human models, at times it is necessary to light the hair. These studio lights can be mounted to the stands to produce the perfect amount of light, when the photograph is being taken.

If you are shooting a lot of faces and you want a soft look that reminds you of innocence, the softbox is going to be the most important tool. It is a box that is covered with thick black cloth on the outside and is silver on the inside. So the aperture on just one side of the box directs all the light to pass though the black cloth making the light soft and diffused. You need to have a 1,000 watt lamp before the box for the perfect pictures. Without a soft box, studio lights are incomplete. You can also use the umbrella to diffuse light and get a similar effect.

The other set of equipment that come in the kit are also necessary for photography and you learn their uses with time. Studio lights are not difficult to arrange, if you know the type of lighting you are looking for. Photography is nothing but proper lighting. So gear up and get your studio lights to click.

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