Asian Countries Impelling Singapore Medical Tourism

Press release   •   Jan 06, 2014 15:44 IST

Singapore has established itself as a leading destination for health-related treatments on globe. Its skilled healthcare professional and well developed medical infrastructure is now attracting medical tourists from all over the world. Earlier, US and UK were among the major countries looking for medical tourism in Singapore but now the country is witnessing tremendous growth in medical tourist arrivals from Asian countries. This growth can be attributed to the growth in Asian economies which has outstripped developments in healthcare. With this growing demand from neighboring countries, the Singapore medical tourism industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 30% during the forecast period 2013-2017.

According to our research report “Booming Medical Tourism in Singapore Outlook 2017”, Singapore has emerged as a leading medical tourism destination worldwide. Country’s medical tourism industry is growing immensely driven by state of art facilities and low cost treatment. As a result of the rise in number of medical tourists, various avenues have opened up in the sectors of neurology, orthopedic and cosmetic treatments. Besides, expertise doctors, high success rate of complex surgeries, less waiting-time, and above all, the unique combination of treatment and vacation are taking the industry to new heights.

The report covers analysis of present scenario and future outlook of medical tourist arrivals and tourism receipts in the country. Further, to provide a comprehensive view, the research also provides information about existing medical infrastructure and government regulation in the country. In addition to that, the report deciphers major emerging trends in country which are boosting the medical tourism industry in the country. Besides, the report includes analysis of major market segments of medical industry in Singapore coupled with their cost comparison with other major countries.

Through the section of key players, the report provides the insight of current market scenario and existing competition to our customers. Additionally, it also covers the key statistics of these players in the country. In all, the report presents a comprehensive look at the sector’s past, present, and future scenario which will help the client to make appropriate strategies to grow further.

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