Bathroom Grab Bars and Its Varieties

Press Release   •   Nov 25, 2011 10:57 IST

Bathroom grab bars are safety devices which are specially designed to be fixed in bathrooms, restrooms and bathtubs. It is mostly fixed in bathrooms for physically challenged people, elderly and patients who find it difficult to move around in restrooms. These grab bars are quite different from the towel bars used in restrooms as the grab bars can handle heavy weight. The grab bars are unique restroom products that can be incorporated to enable easy mobility and safety while using restrooms.

The bathroom grab bars are usually attached to the walls or the shower area of the room. There are many types of grab bars available today and some of the most important types of grab bars and their significant uses shall be highlighted in the following sections of this article.

Types of Grab Bars and Its Significant Uses

There are basically three types of grab bars used in most of the restrooms to provide support and safe mobility. Some of the most important types are:

Suction cup grab bars

Wall-mounted bars

Tub-mounted bars

Suction cup grab bars: Also known as the portable bathroom grab bars, the suction cup grab bars are safe and easy to install. It is one of the most popular varieties of bars as it can be carried around easily. It can be affixed to any smooth surface in the bathroom without drilling holes on the wall. The grab bar can be affixed to the surface with the help of safety levers on both sides of the bars. These levers can be fastened on either side. There are many varieties of suction cup grab bars. Some of the most expensive varieties include suction cups with indicators which show whether the grab is fixed accurately. The grip finish of these grab bars are also smooth.

Wall-mounted bars: One of the most important varieties includes the wall mounted bars which are usually installed near the walls of the toilet or bathtubs so that elderly people find it easy to use the toilets. These grab bars can be fixed to the walls permanently. Most of these bars are quite inexpensive and are of great utility to the elderly and physically challenged people. Different types of wall mounted grab bars can be found in many of the online stores at reasonable price rates.

Tub-mounted bars: The tub mounted grab bars are quite useful in getting in and out of bath-tubs. It is usually fixed to the bath tub which helps aged and physically challenged people to use bath tubs and evade the possibility of accidental slipping.

Different types of grab bars are available today. Grab bars made of aluminum, stainless steel and plastic are also available today. These bars are available in various shapes, sizes and diameters to suit different restrooms.

Common Advantages of Bathroom Grab Bars

The grab bars are quite easy to install and can be used safely. It helps people to move around safely in restrooms without the fear of slipping and falling. The grab bars are undoubtedly the most useful equipments that can be installed in restrooms.

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