Beneficial Uses Of Foot Pumps

Press Release   •   Oct 09, 2012 15:35 IST

A device that uses foot action to move liquids or air is known as a foot pump. This pump has numerous uses which include inflating tires, filling air mattresses, pumping water and so forth. Although there are various types of foot pumps, most of these pumps function on the basis of the same theory.

The pump includes an intake port and a valve. The valve on the intake port allows the flow of liquid or air in one direction. The pump also includes a sealant or air tight bladder that prevents the air from moving to any other direction. The air is let out through the exit port. The pump also includes pistons and springs that helps to depress the pump automatically.

Efficiency: Compared to the hand pump, the foot pump is more efficient and strong. It is quite easy to pump a higher volume of substance using these pumps as the entire body weight of a person can be used to pump the liquid or air. As the muscles of the legs are stronger than the hands, it is quite easy to use these pumps.

Electric Power: As it does not require electric power for operation, it is considered to be more efficient and advantageous.

Portable: One of the most attractive features of this foot pump device is that it is small and easy to carry around. It is therefore portable and easy to use during outdoor sessions and picnics.

Versatile: It is also known to be versatile as it can be used for a large number of purposes. It can be used to inflate a bicycle tire, car tile, motorcycle tire, used to inflate rafts and boats and pump out water from small boats. It can also be used to dispense hand soap from sinks and bathrooms. Apart from these uses, it can also be used to inflate balls and toys.

Medical Fields: Today foot pumps are also used in medical fields to cure various types of ailments. It is used as a treatment for Deep Venous Thrombosis which is characterized by a blood clot deep inside the vein of the thigh or lower leg. The foot pump is used to reduce the pain and swelling in the legs, arms, elbows and lower limbs. It also accelerates blood flow in the body.

Foot pumps can be used easily without the need for any type of technical expertise. It is a straightforward procedure that requires minimum amount of physical exertion. Different types of pumps are required to inflate different types of tires. The life span of the tires can be extended by using these pumps appropriately. Most of the devices have gauges which can be used to measure the amount of air being filled in the tires. Each type of tire requires different amount of pressure or air.

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