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Beneficial Uses of the Urea Fertilizer

Press Release   •   Oct 19, 2010 17:05 IST

One of the most important fertilizers that help plants to grow is urea. It is an organic fertilizer and is used widely by farmers for agricultural purposes. It was first discovered in the year 1773 by Hillaire Rouelle, a French scientist. Due to its widespread usage this fertilizer is manufactured and sold by several companies.

The Organic Fertilizer -Urea

Compared to other fertilizers, urea is natural and organic. It is produced from ammonium carbamate by dehydrating it and for this reason it is also known as carbamate. This organic fertilizer contains nitrogen and is white in color. Used mainly for agricultural purposes, this fertilizer is also used as an animal feed.

Urea which contains more than 46 percent of nitrogen is more advantageous than many other fertilizers which contain nitrogen. This fertilizer is produced with ammonia and carbon dioxide so it does not cost much.

Advantages of Using This Fertilizer

There are advantages of using the urea fertilizer which can be listed below:

Suitable for all types of crops: this fertilizer is organic and contains only nitrogen and carbon dioxide and therefore it does not harm the crops. Carbon dioxide causes no harm to the soil either when it is mixed.

Lower cost of production: it requires lesser cost of production compared to other fertilizers and can be produced easily with the use of ammonia and carbon dioxide which is quite cheap.

Excellent shelf life: it can be stored for a longer period of time as it is usually available in form of large granules which are moisture-resistant.

Safe to store: it does not explode or cause fire when exposed so there is no risk involved in storing it.
Blends easily with other fertilizers: urea blends easily with other fertilizers and it is often mixed with other fertilizers to achieve desired results.

Yields best results: when applied in correct amounts, this fertilizer produces and improves yields in large amounts.

Increases the fertility of the soil: known to increase the fertility of the soil in many ways, this fertilizer enriches the soil and augments the life of plants.

Does not pollute the environment: production and application of this fertilizer does not cause any kind of pollution to the environment.

Urea should be mixed with sand before applying it to the soil because it is a fertilizer with high concentration. Care should also be taken to keep it away from seeds and it should be spread evenly on the soil to achieve best results. It is also important to mix it with soil during its application as over exposure to the weather can lead to depletion of nitrogen from the fertilizer.

Due to the widespread and increased use of the fertilizer, there are several urea manufacturers listed in the online business portals. It is usually available in granulated form.

Urea can also be used by coating it with certain minerals to restrict the release of nitrogen in the soil at a fast pace. Known as one of the most useful and beneficial fertilizer, it is used all over the world to promote the growth of plants.

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