Benefits And Precautions For Using Gas Stoves

Press Release   •   Feb 28, 2013 13:11 IST

Gas Stoves are indispensable in every kitchen. The types, designs and using pattern might vary but without this particular element cooking on fire is just not possible. While some stoves run on electricity, others run on gas. Most people believe that gas run stoves are better probably because they find it easy to regulate the stove. Let us take a look at the reasons that have made people reach this conclusion.

• Gas stoves ascertain even heat distribution. Due to this quality, the utensils heat up fast making the cooking process smoother and faster. This way fuel is saved.

• Heat regulation is of prime importance in cooking. On turning off the heat in these stoves, the change in heat content is immediate. This is not the case with electric stoves where in spite of turning off the stove, the heat content does not diminish immediately.

• Due to the usage of gas, the overall heat generated is less and that helps to maintain heating of the temperature in the house.

• Gas stoves produce moist heat and that helps in certain dishes like roasts, casseroles and other items where the juice in the food needs to remain intact.

All these benefits are absent in an electric stove. Also, a gas stove is cost effective and unlike its peer, the electricity bill does not shoot up in case of more cooking.

Since there are many benefits of using stoves operated by gas, it is important to be able to operate the stove. There are a few things that need to be kept in mind while using it.

• Understand the heat regulation system. There are three heating stages, high, medium and low. You must know which way to turn the knob to be able to regulate the heat depending on the food you are cooking. If you are not prompt here, you might end up ruining your dish.

• Never be inattentive while you boil milk or water on the gas stove. Often boiling liquid spills on the stove and burns out the fire. This can be dangerous as the fire may be out, but the gas keeps flowing. This can result in fatal accidents sometimes.

• Clean the gas burner regularly. Constant use of the stove clogs the pores making the gas flow problematic. Therefore, they need to be cleaned so that gas can flow continuously. Letting dirt accumulate in the pores of the burners hinders the cooking speed and also ruins the burner.

• Select the utensils you place on the stove carefully. Depending on the burners size, the utensil must be placed. Make sure that they utensils are not too small and the flames do not surround the utensils.

If used intelligently and carefully, gas stoves go a long way and prove economical.

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