Benefits of Cummins Home Generator Systems

Press Release   •   Jul 15, 2013 15:51 IST

Home generator systems have become increasingly essential due to the severe power outages in various parts of the country. Power outages can be caused due to several factors such as storms, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and so forth. To obtain uninterrupted power supply, stand-by power generators are used in most of the homes these days. Most of the average homes include various types of electrical appliances for comfort, convenience and security. It is therefore quite essential to have back up power generators in homes to supply power to the electrical appliances.

Majority of the stand-by power systems offer uninterrupted power supply and it starts immediately when the power system is shut down. Although there are various types of home generators made available through various offline and online stores, the Cummins generators are among the widely used devices in most of the homes.

Best Option During Power Outages:

These home generators are among the best options during massive power outages as it is known to be efficient and reliable in comparison to the other types of stand-by power systems.

The Cummins generators are available in different varieties to suit the requirements of various individuals, homes, offices, commercial centers and so forth. These generator sets vary according to the type of fuels and its features. The residential generators are more advantageous than the portable generator sets as it includes a wide number of benefits.

The home generator sets have a permanent fixture and it starts automatically when there is power outage. It includes low running costs and more power. These generators can function in all types of weather conditions. These residential generators utilize cleaner fuels such as propane or natural gas. It is quite easy to install these devices outside homes. It is also directly linked to the permanent power supply of homes.

Most of the residential back-up power supply systems include three elements which are transfer switch, generator and service entrance breaker.

The generator is mainly used to produce electric power for some of the most essential items in homes such as refrigerators, heaters, lighting and security systems. The size and the output of the unit can be determined by the type of back up requirements needed in a home.

The service entrance breaker provides protection to the internal circuits and breakers, transfer switches and generators during inflation of power.

The transfer switches are mainly designed to sense the power outage and immediately transfer power to the generators. When the power is restored these generators can sense it immediately. It then shuts down the system and cools the generators.

The Cummins generators are easy to maintain and install. It is therefore widely preferred by most of the home owners to counteract the effects of power outages. It is quite essential to check the batteries, change the oil and inspect the components of the unit periodically to ensure effective functioning of these home generators. It is also essential to contact a professional technician to solve technical issues in these generators.

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