Berger Paints: Q3 Net Profit up by 57%

Press Release   •   Feb 11, 2013 12:40 IST

Paint major, Berger Paints has witnessed a huge increase in its net profit in Q3 due to better margins in the decorative business and softening of prices of the raw materials.

According to a recent research report by RNCOS, “Indian Paint Industry Forecast to 2015”, an increase in the demand for decorative paints has placed the paint companies on a growth trajectory by enabling them to capitalize on myriad opportunities available in the Indian Paint Industry. As per the report, decorative paint market in India is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of more than 15% during FY 2012-2015 due to various reasons, such as rise in the disposable income and change in preferences of the consumers.

The decorative paint market offers a wide range of offerings to the customers ranging from enamels paints, emulsions, distemper and cement paints. The report has provided a detailed market forecasts for these segments. According to the report, the emulsion paint market was the highest performer and witnessed an enormous growth over the past few years.

The report, “Indian Paint Industry Forecast to 2015”, provides a complete overview of the paint market in India. It has provided a detailed outlook of the market size of the total Paint Industry along with its segments in terms of types, raw material and product class. The impact of government regulations on the industry has also been dealt here. The trends and drivers that are expected to drive the Paint Industry have been discussed with a view to provide a clear picture of the industry in the future. Further, the report has also identified the major players in the Paint Industry along with their product portfolio and financials, to track the market situation and its progress in the coming years.

For FREE SAMPLE of this report visit: http://www.rncos.com/Report/IM408.htm

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