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Press release   •   Jun 06, 2011 11:32 IST

Chevillotte Billiards is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Billiards Table and all other Billiards accessories. We maintain our good reputation in Billiards industry and our product touch the international standard quality set by Billiard Congress of America (BCA) for use in authorized tournaments.

Some of our the best Billiards Table's model are:

Europa Master Model: The Europa Master has always been the preferred choice Billiard Table and used for all the world class tournaments, and the world’s best players use it to express their passion for the game and their love of precision. But it is not just an outstanding table, it is also superbly designed. Its lacquers or black laminated finish fit into any home and make it the first choice for any billiard room.

Louis XVI Prestige Model: The “Marie-Antoinette” version of the Louis XVI model will fill your room with sunshine. Its fluctuations of decorative characteristics in contrasting colors add a touch of lime, orange or lavender to the ochers.

King's of Billiard: It is a unique billiard table in the world and is published in 50 numbered copies only. It's features are Solid oak from France, Lace gold thread, Nails and screws gilded with fine gold, 100% wool cloth virgin, selection of combed wool son of the finest cloth that provides a surface perfectly flat and extremely precise. External dimensions are Tour Band: 286 cm Long X Large 159, Height: 85 cm, Play area: 254cm X 127 cm.

Very Tables Model: It is a new design and used materials in accordance with its revolutionary conception. The status of its lines integrates steel, composites and groomed aluminum for the delight of the eye, and, quality of the game.

Antares Model: A attractively balanced table made from a organized superposition of lines. Its angles give it a touch of arrogance and flexibility. It makes a delightful table and a superb desk: an embodiment of a new way of living and thinking.

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