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Press release   •   Apr 18, 2013 17:42 IST

There are plenty of manufacturers and suppliers in the market that are engaged in providing a wide range of Biological Products and Nutritional Supplements. The range provided by them includes Potassium Humate, Calcium Caseinate & Propionate, Agar Agar Powder and Bile Salt etc. Several biological products are formulated from a diversity of natural sources (human, animal or microorganism). Similar to medicines, certain products are supposed to deal with diseases and medical conditions. Mentioned below are some of the biological products that are widely used in the industry:

1. Biotechnology products – Biotechnology products are widely used for research & development projects and involve products like tissue cultures, prepared media, vinegar & medicine tablets. These products are provided by scientific companies who hold the coveted expertise needed in this industry.

2. Calcium Caseinate – The products have gained widespread use in several nutrition foods, bakery goods and vitamin & mineral medicines. Widely prescribed as a dietary supplement, several sportsmen consume it prior going to sleep or with meals. These products are highly demanded in the foods & pharmaceutical industry for preparing several health supplements.

3. Potassium Humate – Formulated in accordance with the predetermined standard compositions, this product has been highly demanded for the major attributes of it. Potassium humate is readily available in the market at a highly reasonable price. This product includes 80 % humic acid and 12 % potassium. Being a vital part of chemical program, it efficiently works as an essential fertilizer magnifier. This biological product is widely preferred by farmers and enhances the soil fertility.

4. Bile Salt – This product is globally used for its scientific & medicinal properties. Bile salt is formulated with the use of advanced technology, which exhibits a clear picture of its dependability feature. Moreover, the product is formulated with the use of superior quality ingredients, under the supervision of experienced professionals.

5. Agar Agar Powder – Agar agar powder is demanded throughout the globe to offer a solidified surface including medium for the development of fungi and microorganism. Microorganism development does not unmake the gel composition because most bacterias are not able to intake agar. The product is typically supplied in a powder form that can be blended with water, prior use as a development medium.

6. Brewer’s Yeast – This is a type of yeast that is an outcome of brewing beer. Some health supplements include brewer's yeast which is often dead & dried yeast. Medical experts utilize brewer’s yeast to prepare drugs.

Titan Biotech Limited offers Calcium Caseinate, which is a protein derived from fresh milk and used due to good nutritional value of minerals, protein and calcium. Get also details about brewer’s yeast and other biological products.

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