Blackberry mobile battery - top tips for extending your smartphone's battery life

Press Release   •   Aug 29, 2012 15:02 IST

Get the most juice out of your BlackBerry by taking on board these top tips for extending your mobile battery life. Turning off wi-fi when you don't need it is a quick way to extend battery life on your BlackBerry. How long is a piece of string? That’s what you might as well ask when enquiring about the lifespan of your phone’s battery. Many mobile manufacturers claim to offer a magic formula that will make their batteries pretty much immortal, but, sadly, there is no such panacea and each has its own particular lifespan before it needs charging.

But there are things you can do with your BlackBerry device to maximise the amount of time between charges – and it’s not rocket science. Here are some hints and tips that will help you to get the most out of your mobile battery and stop you having to carry around a charger for fear of a black screen during that important business call or long-distance natter to a loved one.

Fully charge the battery when you first get your BlackBerry device. Fear not if you leave it plugged in a bit too long (although that’s not the best for the environment or safety) because overcharging will not break the handset. Don’t wait until your blackberry mobile battery is completely dead before you recharge it. It’s a pointless waste of time that does nothing but separate you from a valuable communications device at potentially awkward moments. Turn off the Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth/radio-searching capabilities of your BlackBerry if you don’t need them. Otherwise, your device will act like a sniffer dog, constantly searching for connectivity action –and, just like a working dog, it will get tired and hungry. Watch the backlight brightness on your BlackBerry device. Reducing it a bit won’t make much difference to the display, but it could make a noticeable difference to the longevity of the battery. Be mindful of the temperature at which you store your mobile. Heated environments will make your battery feel weaker much more quickly – like a tourist in a hot destination. If you are a Facebook addict, or use any other application a lot, watch your use – intensive application tomfoolery will drain your battery’s juice levels quicker than anything else.

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