Blood Pressure Monitor Identify the Different Types

Press release   •   Jun 01, 2011 14:53 IST

The unhealthy dietary practices and the sedentary life-style that most of the people lead today has given rise to a number of diseases including heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disorders and so forth. High BP is a major life threatening disease that can lead to many complications.

Growing Significance

To avoid complications, it is important to monitor the level of BP regularly. Today there are a variety of equipments known as the blood pressure monitor which can be utilised to obtain accurate BP levels. These monitors are useful in detecting the two levels of pressure known as the diastolic and the systolic pressure. Keeping a record of the BP levels is quiet important as it can help to analyse the health of a person.

These days most of the people have a blood pressure monitor at home so that they can measure their BP levels in the comfort of their home. Moreover, there are a number of sophisticated machines available today which can be used easily.

Blood Pressure Monitor-Different Varieties

Basically these monitors are divided into two- the manual BP monitor and the digital BP monitor.

Manual BP monitors: Compared to the digital monitors, the manual BP monitors are cheap and used by most of the doctors in the earlier days. It includes an inflatable arm cuff which is connected to a meter by a rubber tube. This meter records the measurements accurately. The manual blood pressure monitor requires a stethoscope to measure the pulse rate of the person. The use of this monitor requires professional skill and practice so it is often used by doctors. It is also known as aneroid BP monitors.  

Digital BP monitors: One of the most convenient methods of recording BP is with the use of a digital blood pressure monitor. It includes an arm cuff and a meter where the measurements are displayed accurately. One of the greatest advantages of using these monitors is that it is quite easy to use and seldom requires any kind of professional knowledge. It can be used at home to measure BP levels quiet efficiently. It is also known as electronic BP monitors.

Wrist BP monitors: Another variety of blood pressure monitor includes the wrist BP monitor which is compact in size. It is one of the most expensive monitors available. The latest variety of wrist BP monitor appears like a watch.

Paediatric blood pressure monitor: It is one of the most widely used equipment to monitor the BP levels in children. It includes a small cuff that can be inflated and a small monitor. Unhealthy lifestyles cause obesity among small children leading to high BP levels. These monitors will help to measure rising BP levels and take adequate medical measures.

Blood pressure monitor is used widely by most of the people today as it is both convenient and efficient. It is important to choose the right cuff size before purchasing these equipments as the cuff sizes may vary accordingly. There are many online stores that supply varieties of equipments which are in-built with a number of features.

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