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Body Contouring With Tummy Tuck – Abdominoplasty

Press Release   •   May 19, 2016 15:12 IST

Body contouring or Abdominoplasty refers to a cosmetic procedure that is used to remove excess fat from the abdomen area of the body. It is a procedure that can be performed with exceptional finesse by the expert, who is also considered to be the best dermatologist in Delhi. Tummy-tuck Abdominoplasty surgeries are conducted on thousands of women each year with great results on their health and appearance. Abdominoplasty nullifies the risk of stretch marks and weight loss scars that can be left be other weight loss processes and by getting rid of abdominal fat through exercise regimes. If the person is very overweight, then tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty conducted by the dermatologists is the best option. Generally, weight loss processes, most often than not, leave behind scars and stretch marks, but a cosmetic body contouring with tummy tuck procedure or Abdominoplasty done by someone can solve this issue without the risk of any stretch marks or scars, as the doctors working here are believed to be the best ones in Delhi.

Fat Is Not Ugly, But Unhealthy!

Body contouring with tummy tuck, dermatologist in Delhi It is a fact well known that modern society thinks that a slim, slender body is the epitome of beauty. However, one should not conform to this notion of beauty blindly. Beauty is measured not by your body shape, but by your overall physical and mental health which can be accepted in all shapes and sizes. So if one wants to undergo a body contouring with tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty procedure by a dermatologist in Delhi, it should be for the sake of obtaining a healthy weight and healthy body, and not just simply for the sake of conforming to society’s notions on how a beautiful person looks. Therefore, one should be careful to consider the process in detail beforehand.

Should One Go Ahead with Abdominoplasty or Not?

Body contouring with tummy tuck, dermatologist in Delhi, good dermatologist in DelhiPsychological reasons aside, if conducted by a good dermatologist in Delhi like Dr Sandesh, Abdominoplasty is a safe and sound procedure that can remove excess fat from the abdominal regions without the risk of any sort of scarring or anything of the sort. But one should also remember to consider the psychological reasons behind it. If one is feeling the need to undergo Abdominoplasty because of societal pressure or norms on beauty, then one should consult a counselor first for his advice on how to deal with the issue. Only after dealing with the underlying psychological issues, should one consider undergoing this surgery. Because if the underlying psychological issues are left unaddressed, then the surgery can have no effect on the confidence of the person and can lead to further psychological deterioration. Therefore, it is a must to consider this cosmetic fat removal procedure only due to health benefits or for aesthetic purposes completely unaffected by what society thinks is beautiful in people. The choice must rest solely on the person who wants to undergo the procedure; there should be no psychological or emotional strain or pressure behind the decision to get this surgery done.

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