BookChums interviews author Kalli Purie

Press release   •   Mar 07, 2012 19:38 IST

BookChums recently interviewed debutant author Kalli Purie, the author of Confessions of A Serial Dieter, a weight loss memoir. In this book, the author shares her personal weight loss journey about how she went about losing 44 kilos in 18 months!

During the interview Purie, the Chief Creative Officer and the Business Head of India Today Digital comments on how losing weight is both a personal and public happening. With the Confessions of a Serial Dieter, Purie says, “I think dieting in secret is one of the biggest mistakes we make,” shares Purie.

In the tête-à-tête, Purie also speaks at length about how having a full-time job, home and kids often stop women from exercising and losing weight. She too agrees that losing weight remains on the wish list of women for years together without inching towards the goal. “Yes, it’s (not having time) a very common refrain. I would say time is what we make of it. We always make time for what we really want to do. I cut out on things which were time and calorie wasters like vegetating in front of the TV and eating a later dinner and then waking up late feeling lethargic. Just cutting out on these two things gave me time. I cut out on being a social butterfly. I did cut out on being overly social. I decided my priorities.”

Purie also spoke about how she decided on a memoir as her first release. “I was not really thinking of an audience. I was writing it like a stream of consciousness. I think that’s why it’s so honest and people have been able to connect,” says the author whose memoir has personal pictures, her diets, her mistakes and realizations written in a way that people could easily connect.

Towards the end of the interview, Purie revealed despite her doing good sales why she may not be writing another book soon. “I don’t see myself as a writer. I often write to resolve issues in my mind. I have always done it. This just became a book. Currently I feel extremely free and happy. Nothing bothering me particularly at the moment that I feel a pressing need to write,” signs off this effervescent media personality.

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