British Students to fly in the Asian sky

Press Release   •   Jan 30, 2015 13:13 IST

PursueAsia, a start-up firm, has come into existence to simplify the complex road that emerges after graduation, commonly known as practical experience. As the world constantly engages in improvising on available theories with a pounding curiosity for new inventions and discoveries, the education sector keeps on expanding. With a perception like this, Mr Aaditya Dadhich, the CEO of PursueAsia, started this internship based firm recognizing the relevance of work experience before taking on the real job. With customized internships all over Asia, MR. Dadhich made it comfortable for students to simply pack their bags and fly over to a different country without the worry of accommodation, food, travel, visa, etc. As a start-up PursueAsia got over 25 successful signups from UK alone. What made the firm shine brighter was the feedback it received from its interns. While the firm got multiple compliments and earned titles like being the “local guardian”, the constructors of PursueAsia were ascertained about their satisfactory services. What continues to keep us motivated are the many testimonials we received from our interns with delightful statements like, “My experience with Pursue Asia so far has been great. I had learn about construction work, about how to set up transformers and also on desk work. I could actually relate my work with my final year project. India is a safe place.” Pursue Asia designs distinguished international internships for the future of the world (younger generation), exposing them to the continent that boasts about its varied culture – Asia. While most western economies faced a major setback due to the global financial crisis, it was the continent of Asia that took the global financial crisis in its stride and headed towards positive progress. PursueAsia brings the together culture and progression in the form of internships by endeavoring to secure a brighter future for students across the globe, while they gain sight of their success as Asia sculpts their talents.

PursueAsia aims at bridging the gap between foreign students and corporate in an economically advanced country that we are today. India is pacing fast with overall global development and houses multiple promising opportunities for beginners to start their Internship. As a principal provider of internship in India, we collaborate with many multinational companies to place you in few of the most advanced cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad that are considered social and economic hub of 21th century India.

We principally deal with Interns for university students and graduates from all across the globe. Over the years we are witnessing an increase in number of students interested to pursue their internship in Asia. PursueAsia takes a great pride in providing the best career match to many demographically different international students.

PursueAsia specializes in connecting global students and the Indian Corporate community through Internships, and Consulting services.

As the leading provider of Internship in India, we work with many Multinational Companies in India to provide students and graduates the opportunity to enhance their personal and professional career development in a dynamic International Work Culture.

All of our Programmes allow participants to gain an insight into Indian Corporate culture, meet industry leaders and build business networks.