Brushless DC Motor Market to reach a market size of $22.8 billion by 2025

Press release   •   Dec 04, 2019 16:42 IST

According to a new report Global Brushless DC Motor Market, published by KBV Research, The Global Brushless DC Motor Market size is expected to reach $22.8 billion by 2025, rising at a market growth of 6.7% CAGR during the forecast period.

Motor vehicles segment recorded the maximum share of the market in 2018 and is expected to emerge as the top growing segment from 2019 to 2025. Industries prefer brushless DC motors over conventional products as the absence of brushes reduces friction. The industrial machinery segment recorded a higher market share in 2018 and would grow substantially in the years to come. The growing trend is linked to the product deployment in sophisticated industrial applications including extruders, feeder drives, and motors used in robotics. Additionally, The HVAC Equipment market is expected to witness promising CAGR of 8% during (2019-2025).

The 0 - 750-Watt segments dominated the market in 2018 and are projected to record the prominent CAGR during the forecast period. Such high-efficiency motors have become prominent due to their longer shelf life, reduced maintenance costs and energy consumption, as well as better tolerance for fluctuating voltages. The 750 Watts to 3 kW BLDC Motor market would witness a CAGR of 7.2% during (2019-2025). Additionally, The 3 kW - 75 kW BLDC Motor market is anticipated to witness highest CAGR of 7.3% during (2019-2025).

The Asia Pacific brushless DC motors market is likely to record a higher share during the forecast period. The high growth is occurring due to increased expenditure on the infrastructure development and manufacturing facilities. The Latin America and the Middle East & Africa regions are also projected to experience substantial growth during the forecast period. This growth is attributable to the changing regulatory scenario and increased awareness related to the use of eco-friendly and sustainable products. The North America market is expected to witness a CAGR of 5.8% during (2019-2025).

Full Report: https://www.kbvresearch.com/brushless-dc-motor-market/

The market research report has exhaustive quantitative insights providing a clear picture of the market potential in various segments across the globe with country wise analysis in each discussed region. The key impacting factors of the market have been discussed in the report with the elaborated company profiles of ABB Group (Baldor Electric Company), Toshiba Corporation, Buhler Motor GmbH, Nidec Corporation, Maxon Motors AG, Ametek, Inc., Allied Motion Technologies, Inc., Johnson Electric Holdings Limited, Rockwell Automation, Inc. and ARC Systems, Inc.

Recent Strategies Deployed in Brushless DC Motor Market

» Acquisition and mergers:

Apr-2019: Nidec acquired Omron Automotive Electronics in order to strengthen its automotive motor business.

Dec-2018: Allied Motion acquired TCI in order to broaden and strengthen its controlled motion portfolio.

Dec-2018: Maxon Motors took over Parvalux in order to strengthen its electric motor business for industrial automation and medical technologies.

Jul-2018: Nidec took over CIMA S.p.A. in order to enhance its motor manufacturing business.

Feb-2018: ABB acquired Baldor Electric Company in order to increase its business in electric products such as motors and sensors.

Jan-2018: Allied Motion took over Maval Industries for delivering fully integrated steering system solutions.

» Product Launches:

Sep-2019: Toshiba launched TB67B000AHG, a new three-phase brushless motor driver for air-conditioners, ceiling fans, air-purifiers, and dehumidifiers.

Sep-2019: Toshiba introduced Intelligent Phase Control (InPAC) technology for the optimization of brushless motor performance through capitalizing the brushless motors' efficiency.

Aug-2019: Toshiba released sensorless control pre-driver IC for brushless DC (BLDC) motors for use in automotive and industrial applications.

Jul-2019: Johnson Electric launched new E11 brushless DC motor which has the features of power density, high torque and efficiency for use in Cordless Impact Wrenches.

Jun-2019: Johnson Electric released E12 and E17 BLDC, new BLDC motor solutions for use in ventilation applications.

May-2019: Allied Motion introduced new EnduraMax 75i brushless DC motor which has the capability of controlling speed, torque, and position in wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

May-2019: Haydon Kerk Pittman, a business unit of Ametek Advanced Motion Solutions launched EC042B IDEA Motor Series which is an addition to its line of brushless DC motors which enables distributed control without the use of external motion controller.

May-2019: Johnson Electric introduced BLDC motor platform E6 for use in power tools and deliver high efficiency.

Mar-2019: ABB launched IEC Food Safe motors designed for easy cleaning and long life.

Jul-2018: Dunkermotoren, GmbH, a unit of Ametek Advanced Motion Solutions introduced BG 65/ BG 66 series, an addition to brushless DC motor which has simple electronic controls.

Jun-2018: Allied Motion launched line of mil-spec-qualified fractional horsepower PMDC motors and gear motors with the range of 0.75 to 2.25 inches (19 - 57 mm) in diameter and machined mounting provisions, tachometers, holding brakes, and/or encoders.

» Expansions:

Apr-2019: Maxon Motors expanded its footprints to Taunton by opening a new manufacturing facility focusing on the development of motors.

Jan-2019: Maxon Motors strengthen its position to South East Asia by opening a new facility focusing on the production of motors.

May-2017: Johnson Electric expanded its reach to Argentina by opening a new subsidiary focusing on motor production line in order to serve appliances industry.

Global Brushless DC Motor Market Segmentation

By Rotor Type

Inner Rotor Brushless DC Motor

Outer Rotor Brushless DC Motor

By Voltage Type

0-750 Watts BLDC Motor

750 Watts to 3 kW BLDC Motor

3 kW - 75 kW BLDC Motor


By End User

Motor Vehicles

Industrial Machinery

HVAC Equipment

Household Appliances

Aerospace & Transportation


By Geography

North America




Rest of North America








Rest of Europe

Asia Pacific




South Korea



Rest of Asia Pacific





Saudi Arabia

South Africa


Rest of LAMEA

Companies Profiled

ABB Group (Baldor Electric Company)

Toshiba Corporation

Buhler Motor GmbH

Nidec Corporation

Maxon Motors AG

Ametek, Inc.

Allied Motion Technologies, Inc.

Johnson Electric Holdings Limited

Rockwell Automation, Inc.

ARC Systems, Inc.

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