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Business Model in Mexico Agricultural Equipment Market: Ken Research

Press Release   •   Jan 16, 2018 15:27 IST

Mexico Agricultural Equipment Market by Major Products (Tractors, Combine Harvesters, Tractor Implements and Rice Transplanters), By Application (Land Development, Sowing & Planting, Weed Cultivation, Harvesting & Threshing, Post-harvest & Agro Processing), By Planting Equipment (Row Crop Planters, Air Seeders, Grain Drills and Others) and By Major Regions – Outlook to 2022” provides a comprehensive analysis of agricultural equipment market in Saudi Arabia. The report covers various aspects such as country agriculture overview, market sizes of Mexico agricultural equipment, 2 wheel tractors, 4 wheel tractors, combine harvesters, tractor implements, rice transplanters and irrigation systems; segmentation on the basis of products (tractors, combine harvesters, tractor implements and rice transplanters), by application (land development, sowing & planting, weed cultivation, harvesting & threshing, post-harvest & agro processing), by planting equipment (row crop planters, air seeders, grain drills and others) and by major regions. The report also covers major segmentations of each product type, SWOT analysis, trends and developments, issues and challenges, regulatory scenario, import & export scenario and business models of the companies operating in Mexico agriculture equipment market. The report further covers the market share of major players in 2 wheel tractors, 4 wheel tractors, combine harvesters, tractor implements, rice transplanters and irrigation system markets; and competitive landscape of the industry and comprehensive profile of leading players (Deere and Company, New Holland, Kubota, CNH Industrial N.V, Escorts Group, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Kubota Tractor Corp, Kverneland Group) operating in the market.

The report concludes with future outlook and projections of Mexico agricultural equipments market, major macroeconomic indicators and upcoming trends affecting the market have also been highlighted in the report.

Market Potential
Mexico is the traditional agricultural country, and agriculture has a pivotal position in its national economy. The economy of Mexico is heavily based on agriculture industry which has positively affected the demand of agricultural equipments in the country. The agribusiness industry in Mexico is in continuous and steady expansion, with the agribusiness landscape being driven by strong consumer demand and a steadily growing middle class population. Agricultural equipment incorporates products with both agricultural and non-agricultural end-uses, such as commercial mowers and irrigation equipment. Major end-uses for agricultural equipment include cultivating crops such as food, fiber, and fuel, raising livestock, and some immediate post-harvest processing such as grading and sorting fresh produce. Mexican market has witnessed substantial level of FDI; there is also a significant amount of room for agriculture equipment market in the country. It was observed that agricultural equipment market in the country augmented from USD ~ million during 2012 to USD ~ million during 2017 at a CAGR of ~% during 2012-2017. The growth of the tractors market drives the growth of the agricultural machinery market in the country. Growing usage of modern day agricultural equipment, huge import from western countries along with recovery in the agriculture sector has majorly driven the growth of Mexican agricultural equipment market.

Mexico Agricultural Equipment Market Segmentation
By Major Products: Tractors is the major segment which has dominated the agriculture equipment market in Mexico during 2017. Agricultural tractors can be mounted with a large number of implements which makes it extremely useful for cultivation of all the major crops in the county. Tractors accounted for ~% of the overall revenue in the agriculture equipment market during 2017. Combine harvesters followed tractors in terms of revenue which accounted for a share of ~% during 2017. Combine harvesters combine multiple functions such as reaping, threshing and winnowing together to efficiently harvest a variety of grain crops. Tractor implements form an indispensible part of agricultural tractors as they help in seedbed preparation and land ploughing. Tractor implements are combination of tractor with agriculture machines (implements) which aided in overall agricultural production. Tractor implements accounted for a share of ~% in the overall agricultural equipment market during 2017. Rice transplanters are solely used for in the cultivation of rice farming which accounted for a share of ~% during 2017.
By Tractor: 2 wheel tractors are mainly demanded by farmers with small land holding area. Due to the presence of large fragmented land, there has been substantial demand for these hand tractors in Mexico. 2 wheel tractors have accounted for a share of ~% of the overall tractor sales during 2017. 4 wheel tractors have higher cost and more advantage over 2 wheel tractor as the vehicle power is split between all four wheels which give the driver maximum traction and control on uneven terrain. 4 wheel tractors accounted for a share of ~% during 2017.
Combine Harvesters: The low farm holding size in the country has caused companies to focus on low powered combine harvester which resulted in 30 Hp and below harvesters accounting for a share of ~% during 2017. 35-55 Hp combine harvesters are suited for both small and medium farm holding sizes and are especially suited for wetlands due to their high ground clearance. These have accounted for a share of ~% during 2017. 60HP and above have accounted for a share of ~% of the total combine harvester market during 2017.
Irrigation System: In drip irrigation method, water is supplied to the root zone of the crop directly through a network of pipes with the help of emitters whereas, sprinkler irrigation method sprinkles water into the air on the crops through nozzles which subsequently falls on field surface. Drip irrigation systems are more efficient as it irradiates the issue of loss of water through irrigation but water saving is relatively low in sprinkler irrigation method. Drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation accounted for a share of ~% and ~% respectively during 2017.

Snapshot on Smart Agriculture in Mexico
The smart agriculture concept reflects an ambition to improve the integration of agriculture development and responsiveness. The objective of smart agriculture is to achieve food security and broader development goals under changing climactic conditions in Mexico and increasing food demand. Farmers in Mexico have been adopting a variety of smart agriculture techniques such as agro forestry and organic production in coffee, improved fodder, silvopastoralism, energy efficiency, biodigestor, renewable energy, improvement of intensive systems environment, genetic improvement in livestock, crop rotation in maize, wheat, and beans, and conservation agriculture practices in maize and wheat. Water efficiency and availability of water are a matter of utmost importance which is why farmers have adopted various technologies including water harvesting, contour ditches, well perforation, accurate irrigation scheduling, water reservoirs, and land leveling for irrigation in maize, sugarcane, beans, and other crops.

Future Outlook and Projections of Mexico Agricultural Equipment Market
Mexico agricultural equipment market is anticipated to grow from USD ~ million during 2018 to USD ~ million during 2022 at a CAGR of ~% during the period. It is expected that with the increasing demand of mechanization throughout the country the demand for agricultural equipment will grow exponentially. In order to cope with reduced incomes, both commercial and subsistence manufacturers have been shifting to intensive agricultural farming systems including the cultivation of high-yielding varieties of food crops. It is expected that small and medium scale manufacturers will focus on increasing their competitiveness by introduction of irrigation and improved farm management practices along with use of high quality seeds, fertilizer and new technology. It is expected that manufacturers will tie up with finance companies and provide efficient credit and repayment schemes in order to further stimulate demand of agricultural equipments in the future.

Key Topics Covered in the Report
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Mexico Tractor Market Size
Power Tillers Market Sales Mexico
Mexico Tractor Sales and Forecast
Combine Harvesters Demand in Mexico
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Major Players in Mexico Agricultural Equipment Market
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Deere and Company Agricultural Equipments Market Share
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Future of Mexico Agricultural Equipment Market
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Mexico GDP from Agriculture
Import and Export Scenario Mexico Agriculture Equipment
Smart Agriculture Market in Mexico


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