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Buy a Slice of Premium Rackspace Hosting with Bitcoin

Press release   •   Apr 04, 2013 20:30 IST

Pittsburgh, PA (USA), April 03, 2013 -- Bitcoins are the first decentralized digital currency - essentially digital coins - that you can send through the Internet. Unlike traditional currency that requires a bank or clearing house to transfer funds, Bitcoins can be sent directly from person to person.

"We see a lot of potential for Bitcoin to be a viable form of payment for Internet transactions and we want to support the community by accepting payments for our hosting services in Bitcoin", said Gregory Duffie, owner of 37SOLUTIONS, LLC.

Bitcoin users are typically more technically savvy and can appreciate quality hosting options. There are a lot of Bitcoin enthusiasts that have been accumulating coins for a couple years now but there are relatively few places to use those coins. And while there are certainly other hosting providers that accept Bitcoin 37solutions appears to be the first to offer Rackspace hosting in exchange for the popular digital currency.

The electronic currency has been getting a lot of press lately from popular news sources. The total market value of all Bitcoins in circulation reached 1 billion USD this week and the price has just topped 100 USD per coin.

"We learned about Bitcoin in late 2012 and embraced the new currency by purchasing a mining rig from Butterfly Labs.", Gregory said.

He continued, "The recent popularity of Bitcoin coincided with our website redesign so we took advantage of the timing and added Bitcoin payments to our new e-commerce store. We hope that we'll fill a niche market of users looking to spend their BTC for website hosting, email hosting, website design and other technology services."

Since 2002 37SOLUTIONS ( http://www.37solutions.com ) has provided myriad solutions to clients trying to navigate the digital highway without a proper map. Services include website hosting, website design and management, database administration, email marketing, search engine optimization, social media management, technology consultations and even computer repair. 37solutions works closely with individuals, charities and small businesses to enhance their web presence in an increasingly complex world.

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