Buy Bean Bags With Desired Style And Comfort

Press Release   •   Mar 14, 2013 14:19 IST

While exploring a furniture store, variety of chic bean bags are sure to grab your attention. Many home owners believe that their home furniture is incomplete without these stylish and comfy bean bag chairs or couches. These items too have undergone renewal from tacky and unattractive designs to those with high fashion quotient. Furniture store owners make efforts to obtain these furniture pieces from manufacturers across the world and you can use the following tips to take advantage of their efforts.

Matching The Existing Style:

Bean bags deservingly become the focal points of areas they are kept at. No matter whether you want one for your living room, bedroom, guestroom or for outdoor area, you can always make a stylish choice. Here are some tips:

• Choose one of the most elegant fabrics. The popular choices these days include leather, vinyl, denim and cotton, as well as exotic options like velvet and sheepskin.

• Prefer to have an exceptional fabric print. Polka dot print bean furniture is a good choice for living rooms. For bedrooms, exciting zebra and leopard prints are apt choices.

• Learn about different bean bag types and choose one according to personal taste. Teardrop, cube, lounger, scrunchie and pouffe are some of the top options in the market.

Arranging Great Comfort:

Size of the bean bags is an important factor to harness desired comfort. The additional important considerations should be:

• Type of Filling: Polyurethane foam is among the best bean bag fillings for added comfort. PVC pellets and polystyrene are other noteworthy option.

• Filling Density: A bean bag with high density foam can retain shape for longer and maintain the comfort level for the users.

• Filling Firmness: Firmness of the filled foam is measured in indentation load deflection (IDL). Low IDL means soft fillings, while higher value indicates greater firmness. Choose according to the level of comfort you wish to have.

Many a times they are used in place of single couches or ottomans. They can also make babies comfortable and they are safe to use to make toddlers sit on them. Since it is almost at par with the ground level, kids do not have the risk of falling from them and hurting themselves. This can keep them occupied as well due to the structure of the furniture.

Some teenagers feel it is mandatory to have such furniture in their rooms. They feel comfortable and relaxed to sit on it while playing X-Box or PS3 with their friends. You can also create a smoking zone in a corner of your living room with these sitting arrangements where you can enjoy drinks with your friends. To get a better feel of the area, use dim lights around it so that after a hard day's work you feel chilled out.

In addition to style and comfort, you must consider investing in bean bags that are durable, have perfect stitching and are easy to wash and maintain.

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