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Press Release   •   Jun 28, 2013 16:59 IST

What is Antibiotics Drugs?
Antibiotics are powerful drugs used to treat certain illnesses. Antibiotics are medicines that fight with infections caused by bacteria & fungus. Antibiotics drugs is not use full for infections caused by viruses like colds and the flu. Antibiotics are compounds that act to kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria1.

Types of Antibiotics Drugs?
Amoxil 250 mg capsules, Vibramycin 100mg tablet, Levaquin 250mg tablets, Zithromax 100mg tablet, Principen 250mg capsules, Cipro 500mg tablet, Flagyl 200mg tablet.

These antibiotics are used to treat:
A person who has a positive gonorrhea test.
Sex partners within the past 60 days of a person diagnosed with gonorrhea, whether or not they have symptoms or used condoms.
A newborn whose mother has gonorrhea at the time of delivery.

There are two main types of germs that cause most infections. These are viruses and bacteria.

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Taking the Antibiotic Drugs at Home-
When taking the antibiotic drugs at home, make sure to stick as closely as possible to the scheduled times. If a dose is missed, do not double dose.

What are the side-effects of antibiotics?
List of the most common & rare side-effects of antibiotics:
Feeling and being sick
abdominal discomfort
Fungal infections (mouth and vagina)
Don't use antibiotics to treat viral infections.
Avoid mild doses of antibiotics over long time periods.
When treating a bacterial infection with antibiotics, take all your pills.
Use a combination of drugs to treat a bacterial infection.

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