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Press Release   •   Jun 28, 2013 15:03 IST

What are Birth Control Pills?
Birth control pills are a type of medicine that women can take daily to avoid pregnancy. Birth control pills are also known as oral contraceptives pills.

How do birth control pills work?
Birth control pills contain synthetic female hormones. Birth control pills have hormones, estrogen and progestin or progestin only. They work largely by preventing the release of an egg from an ovary, or ovulation. If no egg is released, there can be no pregnancy. Once your doctor has determined you can safely take the pill and has suggested a good brand for you to try, you can buy your birth control pills right here at Reliable Canadian Pharmacy.

Birth Control Effectiveness-
Used correctly, birth control pills are up to 99.9% impressive, but they must be taken every day to work properly. This medication may be little less impressive if you are very overweight.

Advantages of birth control pills-
It is designed to prevent pregnancy after sex,
regulates periods
It works the best,
reliable (99% effective when taken correctly)
It has the fewest side effects,
reduces risk of ovarian cysts, benign breast disease, endometriosis, ectopic pregnancy, ovarian and endometrial cancer

Birth Control Side Effects-
Midcycle bleeding,
Bloating or moodiness when starting the pill
Breast tenderness while on the pill
Side-effects should disappear within the first 3 months. The pill does not protect against HIV infection. If you have persistent side-effects, your doctor may recommend trying a different brand of pills to reduce them.

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