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Press release   •   Dec 07, 2012 12:09 IST

3gchemist offers you the 100% pure and safe brand medicines of Dr. Reckweg. Here all range of quality medicines are available. Order your any homeopathic need at our online-pharmacy and get effective medicines at lowest price. These products are manufactured by Dr. Reckweg company and are most effective for the cure of any disease. We are selling all type of medicines effective in treatments of Cardiac Arrhythmia, Essentia Aurea drops, Diarrhoea, Stomach Drops, Liver And Gallbladder Drops and Migraine And Neuralgia Drops.

Homeopathic medicines are more effective for the treatments of heart and stomach and any other disease permanently. As we know homeopathic medicines was founded in Germany 250 years ago with very good results and confirmed healing. These are perfect to cure a person, not a disease. This is a holistic system of treatments viewed each person as a single whole body, mind and soul. This treatment begins talking in which homeopaths ask many questions to achieve a complete picture of the mental, emotional and physical conditions of the patient.

Based on asking many questions, homeopath finds the real symptoms of disease and prescribe a similar medicine to the patient and cause of his illness. The result found is a gradual loss in all symptoms of the disease and restore the natural balance in human's body. Generally use homeopathic medicines 2-3 times daily 10-15 drops in a little water before meals.

Dr. Reckeweg was a German physician, was received medical degree in Berlin in homeopathy and develops several solution of the severe disease treatments solutions by homeopathic. All medicines manufactured by Dr. Reckeweg brand company are available at 3gchemist. This pharmacy offers you the best quality and pure medicines of reckeweg.

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