Buy Generic Latisse Eye Drops Online for Your Eyelash Growth

Press Release   •   Jul 01, 2013 14:52 IST

Nowadays buying generic drugs online has become more easier. Just couple of clicks & and you can buy any drugs which you want to buy with Free Shipping or some time with little Shipping charges. Generic Latisse is one of the best selling drugs used in eyelash growth. It may safe unbelievable for many but it is true that Safemeds4all is providing Generic Latisse at very economic price.

What is Generic Latisse?
Generic Latisse is prescription eye medication which has been tested to make eyelashes thicker, darker and more voluminous. It is suited for people who have naturally incapable eyelashes or those whose eye lashes are thinning. Lumigan Latisse Eye Drop is a 0.03% solution of bimatoprost, and contains benzalkonium chloride as a preservative. Studies have shown once-daily Lumigan 0.03% ophthalmic solution to be more effective than timolol twice daily in reduction of intraocular pressure (IOP) and as effective as or more effective than the prostaglandin analogues latanoprost and travoprost in reducing IOP.

How do Generic Latisse Work?
Generic latisse - Safemeds4all is believed to have an effect on the growing stages of the eyelash in two techniques: first, it raises the length of lashes; and second, it promotes the number new lashes. Lumigan Latisse Eye Drop is approved by the FDA to be used as an eyelash growth drug, which was previously used to successfully cure glaucoma.

Generic Latisse  Side Effects-
Latisse may cause discomfort and blurred vision in some users. There are very unusual adverse reactions of Generic Latisse such as:
itchy eyes
dry eyes
eye irritation
redness of the eyes and eyelids
Lasting darkening of the eyelids
Problems in breathing
Dry skin or watering eyes
Discomfort in the eyes
Sensitivity to light

Latisse  is applied at the base of your lashes. Safemeds4all is a online Generic Drugs Store in Canada providing generic latisse that is used daily to help increase eyelashes longer and fuller. This is a eyelash growth method that has been explored and placed in clinical trials to prove not only that it is effective, but that it is also safe to use. One should apply generic Latisse at the base of the eyelashes and follow the regular till wanted result is achived.
Safemeds4all is perfect for women or men that want to appear revitalized, without the use of mascara or eyelash extensions.
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