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Press Release   •   Jul 24, 2013 15:25 IST

Islam is the ideal religion in the world that belief only in one god,”Alha”, creator of the universe, including the world in which we live. To understand the Muslim culture it is significant to read out the Holy Quran, best gift offered by the god.  
In the Muslim religion ,books plays a essential role to provide important information to people about the culture and its power. In Islamic books store, the books is available in diverse languages such as Urdu, Hindi,English and may other languages.  In the stores DVDS are also available so that people those who are illiterate can gather information about the religion by listening to the DVDS.  You can purchase these books and DVDs online.

Wide range of Urdu Islamic books available in the market based in Islamic education. These books are generally included in the academic syllabus. The books are not only based on religions information but many other important topics are covered in the content of the books.

If you want to purchase Islamic books, you can place online order on goodword online store. This is one of the leading book publisher that supply wide range of Islamic gifts, books and games to educate children with fun and pleasure.  The gift pack is usually a collection of best books in which lots of moral stories, puzzles, activities and brain sharping games are covered to make children smart and knowledgeable.   

You can collect finest range of Urdu children books from online store at very low cost. Brief information about the product or book is available in the site that help you in selecting best according to the requirements. The Hadith Challenge Game is a perfect game available here and is based on belief of the Prophet Muhammad and the load.”Alha”. These types of games are generated to teach children with ease and fun. The game assist children in developing mind alertness, sharpness and memory.

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