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Buying Basics for Sofas, Sofa Cushion Seats and Chair Pads

Press Release   •   Nov 21, 2011 14:00 IST

There are some things which have changed over the years, but the good old sofa with cushions still holds ground, to the extent of being termed as a synonym for comforting words like cozy, comfort etc. But, the comfort level is often so assumed that a good number of people just end up buying something where the comfort level deteriorates from the first day itself. So, what is required here is for you to know the basis of sofas, in which sofa seat cushions play an important role.

Some of these factors have been compiled as follows:
* First and foremost, make sure you keep the usage aspect in mind; questions like how often would the sofa set be used, are important.
* Secondly, questions pertaining to the location where it would be kept also hold ground. As a matter of fact, sofas placed in the halls and patios are used quite often. More the usage less would be the shelf life.
* In addition, you need to take into consideration any special aspects which may or may not affect the sofa usage. Some common examples are small children playing on it, pets sitting on the sofa etc.
* You can ask for suggestions with the retailers with respect to the above 3 factors.
* Lastly, the most integral part of a sofa which gives it the comfort quotient is: the sofa seat cushions. Buying the right sofa seat cushions converts to buying the right sofa sets. Apart from the comfort level and convenience, each cushion type would affect the overlook aesthetics of the sofa in question. So the thumb rule while buying sofa seat cushions is – best of comfort and best of looks. There are many types of sofa cushions like rectangular sofa seat cushions (also called box sofa cushions), L shaped cushions, T shaped ones and the most important attached sofa cushions ( attached ones are placed at the backrest of the sofas).

While buying sofa cushion seats, make sure you use (sit) them for some time, like say 5 to 10 minutes; the standard method of sitting on the cushions for 1-2 seconds is farce, with even the run of the mill types of products manage to give that instant comfort feel. May be that’s the reason, many sofa seat cushions appear cozy at the showroom but fail to replicate the feeling at your home.

In the same league of comfort is the segment of chair pads which are often used more than sofa cushions.

While buying these chair pads, take the measurements of your chairs (pictures would also help to set the context) and buy chair pads keeping the shapes and sizes in mind. Also, like the same sofa cushion segment, follow the same thumb rule here for chair pads – better comfort and better looks. You in turn can also do a small ‘internet feedback exercise’ with respect to sofas, sofa seat cushions and even chair pads so that you can buy your favorite cushion which you saw at a friends’ place or in movies.

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