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Cancer Market Outlook to 2015: Competitive landscape, market size, pipeline analysis, and growth opportunities

Press Release   •   Oct 10, 2010 22:46 IST

Global cancer prevalence rates are on the rise owing to an aging population, changing lifestyle and increasing pollution. Prevalence data is significantly influenced by the increasing diagnosis and survival rates across the global market.

The global cancer market is becoming increasingly competitive, with two therapeutic classes namely antineoplastics and cytostatic hormonal treatments dominating this sector. Collectively, the top 10 products in the global cancer market accounted for majority of the revenue in 2009.

Oncology has become one of the major focus areas for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies because of a high number of unmet needs for improved treatments in different types of cancer. In 2009, around 40,000 Phase I, II and III trials were listed on, and approximately 40% of these were related to cancer.

Targeted therapies are revolutionizing the paradigm of cancer treatment and are likely to be used in most cancer patients in the next 10 years. Due to the high incidence and subsequent potential for market success, breast cancer and NSCLC continue to drive high levels of R&D (along with niche indications such as NHL, RCC, CML, and prostate cancer).

Another factor that plays a major role for the growth in the cancer therapy market is expansion of the target indications. Most of the blockbuster drugs were launched for a narrow indication, and were later approved for other indications. A classic example is imatinib, which was first approved by the FDA in 2001 for the treatment of CML and later was expanded to around nine different indications.

Regardless of indication, the key challenge in ensuring the commercial success of pipeline drugs is to ascertain their integration into current treatment regimens either in combination with existing therapies or by demonstrating significant superiority over current treatments. Pricing risk remains the key investment concern in cancer. Moreover, the level of scrutiny by payors regarding the cost-effectiveness of cancer treatments has further intensified in the recent years.

Key Features of this report

• Epidemiological analysis and forecast prevalence of the major cancer indications between 2009-15 including lung, breast, colorectal, and ovarian cancer markets.
• Forecasts and analysis of the major products in the cancer market between 2009-15 spread across the major indications and classes of treatments.
• Overview of key events in the global cancer market that have impacted treatment trends and sales potential across the major cancer indications.
• Strategic and growth analysis of leading pharmaceutical corporations based on sales focus by drug class, currently marketed products and R&D product portfolios.
• Detailed analysis across major classes of cancer treatments including antineoplastics and cytotoxic hormone therapies.
• Detailed analysis of the clinically differentiated products in the cancer pipeline by indication and sales forecast of key R&D pipeline products in the global cancer market.

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