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Carbon offsetting & business reputations

Press Release   •   Oct 14, 2010 10:51 IST

Carbon-offsetting & business reputations

This section report has two focuses: carbon offsets and business reputations. The initial analysis is designed to understand the attitudes the public has towards carbon offsets, and how carbon offset schemes could build better public support. ( )

The analysis considers which demographic segments of the population are more, or less, supportive of carbon offsetting. There is detailed analysis of attitudes towards carbon offsetting according to our climate change segmentation interlinked with flying behaviour - since a common consumer touch-point with voluntary carbon offsets is when buying flights. Additionally, recognition of 15 carbon offset organizations is measured.

The final portion is concerned with business reputations in Canada, England and the USA. For the oil, auto, airline and supermarket sectors, companies and pressure groups are currently vying for public support over how they are addressing climate change. This research measures public approval and disapproval for specific companies.

* What proportion of the population believe that carbon offsetting is a good idea?
* How disillusioned are people with the effectiveness of offsets?
* Do flyers have different opinions to non-flyers about carbon offsetting?
* How do opinions differ between 'Climate Citizens', 'Mild Greens', and'Sceptics & Uninvolveds'? What is the demographic profile for those more likely to think highly of carbon offsetting?
* How much do people recognise various carbon offset companies?
* Do airlines and supermarkets have a more negative reputation in England than in Canada or the USA?
* Do coal companies have a negative reputation in America?

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