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CB Castles Sets Afloat Some of the Market-Ruling Inflatable Products for Children Amusement

Press release   •   Apr 08, 2013 10:55 IST

Inflatable play structures meant for children amusement are the leading products in this section. However, overuse of these units in domesticity and parties have caused the excitement meter about the products to have gone down markedly. It is only a handful of manufacturers and distributors who have managed to prop-up the craze by designing castles that are not just iconic in the market, but have immense disporting potential compared to the rest. Bouncy castle hire Liverpool units offered by CB Castles have the most unique designs, artworks and structures that can entice any child.  

Happy Faces is one of the most popular in its range of products. Simple and large, the castle is big enough to accommodate both children and adults. Designed on the theme of Happy Face Theatre, the castle features clouds and smiley all over that creates a mood of blitheness. With a removable sun and shower cover, the castle is one of the most-often picked up units in the catalog. Hello Kitty is another bouncy castle hire in Liverpool unit that makes it to the list of the company’s most-hired products. Though one of the newest launches, the unit has earned immense popularity by its cute design and slide-and-bouncer combination. Based on the Hello Kitty theme, the castle is made for young children because of the popularity of the concept source.

The Jungle Obstacle Course is another popular item that makes the first choice for hirers when it comes to big parties. The largest in the list of items available at CG Castles, the product is divided into two different sections to make the most of the sprawling spatiality of the castles. It is the largeness of the castle that makes it a perfect and complete playground for children, giving them the opportunity to prance around on the fluffy surface without going out of sight of the parents. The castles are all built with quality confirmation received from BIHA, PIPA and like sites. Hence, safety of the little riders is guaranteed with the products.

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