CCTV Domestic Manufacturers Achieving Major Share in the Country

Press release   •   Mar 26, 2012 15:30 IST

The Indian CCTV market is predominantly import-driven with the existence of handful core manufacturers of CCTV cameras in the country. Manufacturing of surveillance products domestically still confers a lot of challenges, as the components are not available locally. Despite the escalating demand, big manufacturers usually source around 70% of the components from other countries. The industry seems to be oblivious of the enormous potential held by the product in the country. However, companies in this sector anticipate increasing their manufacturing volumes with the mounting demand. This target will be achieved through investments by the existing and emerging companies. The average organizational investment in the security sector was nearly 31% in 2010. It has been surveyed that on an average, there was around 68% increase in the organizational manufacturing volumes in 2010 against a mere 11% in 2009.

The need for safety and security in almost every walk of life has fuelled the demand for CCTV cameras that has ultimately translated into a lucrative opportunity for traders, manufacturers and operators says our new research report, “Indian CCTV Market Analysis”. Owing to such facts, our report anticipates that the CCTV market has an enormous growth potential, and anticipates it to expand at a CAGR of around 27% during 2010-2015.

As such, the rising demand of CCTV security market in India holds immense potential for players who are able to find the rights mix of price, technology, and awareness, the synergies, which will pay rich dividends for investments. However, there will be a considerable increase in electronics security market in the coming years with a gradual shift in demand for a more Integrated Security Solution.

In our research, we have also included the geographical spread of CCTV surveillance in India. Further our report also discusses about the region holding the maximum share in the CCTV usage, and the geographies where the market will grow in near future. Besides, it also presents information on the roadblocks that requires to be addressed, and includes the business description and recent activities of key players in the Indian CCTV market. An analysis of technological developments revealed that the IP network and mobile surveillance cameras are gaining momentum.

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