Changing Consumer Perception Driving India’s Organized Gold Loan Market

Press Release   •   Jul 06, 2012 14:48 IST

India is having the highest gold stock in the world and the demand for gold is increasing continuously in the country, backed by the tradition of wearing gold in weddings, festivals, and various other occasions. People are also buying gold as the value of gold assets is rising continuously.

Our comprehensive research report, “Gold Loan Market in India”, reveals that the organized gold loan market has grown tremendously over a period of time, owing to the changing consumer perception about gold loan and rising loan requirements. Over a period of time, the perception of consumers towards gold loan has changed drastically. In the earlier times, gold owned by Indian families was rarely liquidated unless in extreme financial need. In addition, the gold loan or loan against ornaments was taken by the local pawnbrokers and money lenders.

Due to high gold stock and high consumption of gold in Southern India, the presence of money lenders was highest in that region. Similarly, organized gold loan market originated from the South India and have largest share of almost three-fourth of the total gold loan market. In Southern India, gold loan is very much preferred as compared to other loans and has become the culture as the lenders do not accept any other collateral against loan.

A new trend of gold financing for purchasing has also been observed in the industry. For providing our clients a deep insight into the Indian gold loan market, we also conducted a primary research that studied the consumer behavior in the market. We found that the consumer outlook is changing as people are increasingly sorting to gold loans in order to meet their short-term needs.

Further our report has also observed that the organized players are exploring the potential, and expanding their networks into North, East and West regions. It analyzes the Indian gold loan industry, including its market size, penetration, type of institutions, and share of major players, and presents forecasts. We also studied how the government regulations are impacting the industry. The comprehensive research work covers the competitive landscape, by including the profiles of major public and private banks and specialized NBFCs (Manappuram & Muthoot Finance) operating in the market.

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