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Press Release   •   Feb 02, 2011 12:53 IST

Ravi Energie Inc. is a global service provider for technical verification, inspection and testing, with the necessary experience, expertise and accreditations to provide PSI Certification is to check shipment details such as price, quantity and quality of goods ordered overseas. Ravi Energie Inc. supports manufacturers of energy generation and distribution equipment with testing and certification solutions for access to global markets.

These certification is required to safeguard national financial interests (prevention of capital flight and commercial fraud as well as customs duty evasion, for instance) and to compensate for inadequacies in administrative infrastructures. The Chartered Engineer Certification, PSI Certification, CE Certification Chartered Engineer Certification are performed because a number of policies discriminate between exporting countries: quotas, preferential tariffs, anti-dumping actions, countervailing duty (charged to counter export subsidies), and more. Ravi Energie Inc offers reliable and accurate inspection work.

Ravi Energie Inc came into existence because many countries require that products being imported conform to regional, national, or international safety standards. Proof of conformity to these standards often needs certification by an independent accredited or notified company that can perform the necessary quality checks or certifications.

Ravi Energie provides a real competitive edge in the area of inspection, verification, testing and certification for various markets, including India, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and other Asian countries. Our certification is based on continuous research, development, test and evaluation programs, and highly improved technology and process. Ravi Energie understands each country's policy and accordingly checks for the implementation and gives a certification.

Ravi Energie has a unique global network and being an inspection agency that's just around the corner, we provide services at virtually every harbor and airport around the world. Our logistics and locations make it easier and affordable for Clients to avail our services for PSI Certification, CE Certification, Pre Shipment Documents, and Industrial Pre Shipment Inspection including other Certifications.

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