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Cheshire Car Accident Claim Experts Now Offer Free Replacement Vehicles

Press Release   •   Oct 01, 2012 18:28 IST

A Cheshire based car accident claim legal services company has recently added an optional service to the range of legal service they offer to the non-fault victims of road traffic accidents. The company now recommends the car accident victims to opt for replacement vehicles in case their own cars need repair. The company has bought old and used cars of different types for meeting varied demands of their clients. They are providing this additional solution because of two reasons. Firstly, the claimants would not feel the absence of their own vehicles and can go places. Secondly, they can claim compensation for this inconvenience from the defendants.

Is their replacement vehicle service absolutely free of charge? When asked, a company spokesperson explained their policy regarding this. They charge from their clients for the use of these replacement vehicles. But the cost is recovered from the other party’s insurer. In fact, the additional cost involved in using an alternate vehicle is taken into consideration in most cases where negligence is evident. The car accident claims solicitors working for the Cheshire based claims management firm advocates on behalf of their clients keeping in mid these crucial things. These costs inflicted on the innocent road users should be recovered. The injury claim specialists working for the claims management firm make the justified compensation payout happen for their clients.

The car accident compensation claim specialists provide legal solutions for all types of road accident cases. They provide compensation claim lawsuit assistance for the victims of car accidents. On the other hand, if a pedestrian gets injured in a road fortuity, he can claim compensation through these solicitors. Cyclists who meet accidents on road can file lawsuits through them. Last but not the least, motorcycle accident claims can also be lodged through them. In short, the claims management firm provides all-round legal assistance to the accident victims. The replacement vehicle service is the most recent inclusion to the additional services they provide.

By virtue of their expertise and the transparency they maintain, the car accident claims management firm is now a fully authorized compensation claim managing agency. Their claims management activities number is CRM27515 and one can easily find more details about the company by just visiting the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) website. The company recommends anyone interested in taking their services to check their authorization status by visiting the MOJ website.

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