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China Large Volume Parenteral (LVP) Industry Report, 2013-2015

Press Release   •   Dec 28, 2013 11:03 IST

Dec 27, 2013 : Bharat Book Bureau presents the new report, on "China Large
Volume Parenteral (LVP) Industry Report, 2013-2015 " provides all the
information you require to better understand China Large Volume Parenteral (LVP)
Industry Report, 2013-2015 over the past seven years.</p>

<p>Under the context of China's medical reform and sustainable development of
the pharmaceutical market, the output and demand of Large Volume Parenteral (LVP)
which is one of the top five Chinese preparations have grown year by year. In
2006-2012, China’s injection output presented the CAGR of 19.2%. However, due to
the low barriers to entry, China has seen some signs of the surplus injection
capacity, which exceeds the demand by roughly 40%.<br>
Overcapacity and fierce competition are caused by the irrational injection
product structure and homogeneity. For example, the output and sales volume of
fluid balance injection products with low added value account for 89% of the
injection market, but the sales revenue only shares 47%. At the same time, the
market demand for amino acids, fat emulsion dual-chamber bags, fat emulsion,
total parenteral nutrition, hydroxyethyl starch and unique traditional Chinese
medicine injection is quite strong.<br>
Compared to Europe and other developed countries, the concentration degree of
Chinese LVP market is still lower. At present, 200 ones of 400 qualified Chinese
LVP enterprises run business soundly. By output, the top 10 Chinese companies
contribute about 65%; in terms of sales revenue, they devote about 40 %.<br>
Like other chemical preparation segments, Chinese high-end LVP market is still
dominated by foreign pharmaceutical companies such as Japan Otsuka, Germany
Fresenius Kabi, and USA Baxter.<br>
Take fat emulsion products for example. Fat emulsion is imported by China
frequently as a blood and hematopoietic system drug in recent years, with its
import volume having been at the high level of typical urban hospitals in 22
Chinese cities for consecutive years. Particularly, the procurement value of
moderate and long-chain fat emulsion imported by Chinese typical hospitals hit
RMB354million. In China, fat emulsion injection suppliers include Kelun Pharma,
Sino-Swed Pharmaceutical Corp, Ltd. (under Fresenius Kabi) and Guangzhou Baxter
Qiaoguang (under Baxter) with the respective output of 14.19 million
bottles/bags, 8.1 million bottles / bags (including medium/long-chain fat
emulsion) and 5.69 million bottles/bags (medium/long-chain fat emulsion) in
<p>1 Overview of LVP<br>
1.1 Definition and Classification<br>
1.2 Industry Chain<br>
2 Overview of China LVP Industry Development<br>
2.1 Status Quo<br>
2.2 Competition Pattern<br>
2.3 Product Structure<br>
2.4 Regional Distribution<br>
2. 5 Development Forecast<br>
3 Chinese LVP Market Segments<br>
3.1 Injection for Fluid Balance<br>
3.2 Therapeutic Injection<br>
3.3 Nutritious Injection<br>
3.3.1 Fructose Injection<br>
3.3.2 Amino Acid Injection<br>
3.3.3 Fat Emulsion Injection<br>
3.4 Injection for Blood Volume Expansion<br>
3.4.1 Dextran Injection<br>
3.4.2 Hydroxyethyl Starch Injection<br>
3.5 Peritoneal Dialysis Solution<br>
4 Main Companies<br>
4.1 Kelun Pharma<br>
4.1.1 Profile<br>
4.1.2 Operation<br>
4.1.3 Revenue Structure<br>
4.1.4 Gross Margin<br>
4.1.5 Clients and Suppliers<br>
4.1.6 R &amp; D and Investment<br>
4.1.7 LVP Business<br>
4.1.8 Development Forecast<br>
4.2 China Resources Double-Crane<br>
4.2.1 Profile<br>
4.2.2 Operation<br>
4.2.3 Revenue Structure<br>
4.2.4 Gross Margin<br>
4.2.5 Major Clients<br>
4.2.6 LVP Business<br>
4.2.7 Development Forecast<br>
4.3 Fengyuan Pharmaceutical<br>
4.3.1 Profile<br>
4.3.2 Operation<br>
4.3.3 Revenue Structure<br>
4.3.4 Gross Margin<br>
4.3.5 Clients and Suppliers </p>
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