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Choosing From Among a Variety of Artist Brushes

Press Release   •   Oct 06, 2010 12:54 IST

Artists express their creativity through beautiful paintings. But this job requires not just creativity but the right set of tools. Artist brushes, palette, colors, oil paints and so forth are required by artists to materialise their creative skills. There are many types of artist brushes with different sizes, shapes and materials.

An Assortment of Artist Brushes

Natural brushes: This is one of the most expensive and made of natural products like the hair of a goat, horse and so forth. It is suitable for oil and watercolour paintings. It is preferred more by painters because it holds the paint well. It is usually manufactured with two or three types of hairs. Natural brushes are among the most preferred artist brushes and are available in two types- mainly hard bristles and soft bristles.

Synthetic brushes: These brushes are cheaper compared to the natural brushes and are widely used by people. Quiet appropriate for paintings done in water colors and acrylics, the synthetic brushes are easy to clean and lasts for a longer period of time. However it cannot be used with oil paints as cleaning them with turpentine destroys its bristles. Since it is made of nylon, it can be used on all surfaces and even for painting walls and ceilings.

Fan brushes: Among different varieties of artist brushes, the fan brushes are more versatile and can be used for multiple purposes. Though it cannot be used with water colors, it can be used with other paints either dryly or with a large amount of paint to create a perfect texture.

Round brushes:
these brushes are used to paint details and fill lines. It helps to create broad strokes and thin lines.

Mop brushes: It is used to paint with water colors as they absorb excess water in the paintings. These artist brushes are made of natural hair.

Flat brushes:
Flat brushes are mainly used for filling lines and for shading purposes.

Things to remember while choosing artist brushes

You can choose brushes according to your creative requirements. Choosing a set of brushes with different sizes and shapes will be a good idea. Both flat and filbert brushes are appropriate for oil paintings. Natural brushes are excellent for oil paintings.

It is also important to take good care of brushes to retain their durability. Brushes should be wiped with a soft cloth after use and then washed in warm water. Gentle soaps can be used to wash brushes so that it is cleaned thoroughly. Brushes with oil paints should be washed in turpentine. Always remember to keep brushes upright so that the bristles are not spoiled. Never push or apply too much pressure on the bristles as this may spoil it.

In order to supply artist brushes, manufacturers have a number of products listed in online directories. Ranging from top quality handmade brushes to long handle brushes, the varieties are quite enormous.

Choosing artist brushes can be quite confusing as the choices are wide and varied. Nevertheless, you can choose brushes that will help you to portray your creativity and talent.

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