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Christian Faith Challenged in Future World Without Religion

Press Release   •   Feb 02, 2013 21:49 IST

Houston, TX (USA), February 01, 2013 -- It’s the story of the classic human journey, one filled with great sacrifice and much pain. That’s how author Martin Gene Durst describes his new book, Templar, The Age of the Dark Prince.

Available through Halo Publishing International, Templar is the story of Marcus Stevens, a man in his early 20s living in a world without religion. “Stevens’ mother has been executed because of her faith and he experiences great sacrifice and enduring individual pain while making his classic human journey in a future world where religion has been outlawed,” Durst said. The character wrestles with his own faith as he becomes leader of the few Christians that remain and must fight against a Directorate questing for complete control of the Earth. “Human and spiritual conflictions are prevalent throughout the story,” Durst explained.

“I was inspired to write this book because of my love for Christ and because there is little to no Christian science fiction to entertain young adult readers who enjoy adventure stories,” the author said. “I love to read and I have a really good imagination.”

The Army Guard Reservist, who joined the Regular Army at age 18, now continues to serve his country full-time as an Operations Non-Commissioned Officer of a bridge engineer unit. He has authored two other non-fiction volumes including The Soldiers Creed: Hard Lessons of the U.S. Army for the Success of a Future America in 2011, and Army Recruiter Survival Guide in 2007.

Templar is the first in a series of fiction writing for Durst. “It’s a niche’ I’ve wanted to get into,” he said.

“This story will appeal to people who enjoy science fiction and adventure and likely will inspire Christian readers to examine their own faith,” said Halo International Publisher Lisa Umina.

Durst grew up in Martinsburg, West Virginia, the second oldest of five children with a twin brother. He attended West Virginia University after his first Army enlistment and earned a bachelor’s degree in education. He taught school for seven years in North Carolina before returning to full-time military employment.

Durst and his wife, Barbara, have three children, Ryan, 14, Emily, 7, and Ethan, 5. The family resides in Philippi, West Virginia, where they are members of the Living Water Church. The author enjoys long distance cycling, hiking, hunting, and playing music.

To reach this author, e-mail mbdurst@gmail.com or call 580-278-1441. To order Templar, The Age of the Dark Prince, visit http://www.halopublishing.com.

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