James Michel

Cipher Crystals: The Best Place to Find Engraved Awards

Press release   •   Apr 11, 2013 14:18 IST

UK, February 21, 2013: Every event like a competition or sport event always ends with the winner getting the trophy and it is the most coveted item of that event. So naturally when it is handed out, all eyes will be on it. Cipher Crystals is one of the best companies that stylize in the awards and trophies. The trophies are made from the best available glass and crystal and they can be inscribed according to the instructions of the clients.

However, one might want to show how grand and important the event was and a gloriously designed trophy is the best way to show it off and Cipher Crystal does that best. The name of the event, date of organization, name of the winner etc are a few things that should be on the trophy and that can be Engraved Crystal according to the client’s liking.

They have a special panel to design the trophies and no two trophies are alike. The engraved awards especially look very classy and elegant because of the intricate designs on them. The craftsmanship on them is superb. It should also be said that the size or the price of the trophy is not important- its value far exceeds the material consequences.

For more info please visit: http://www.ciphercrystal.co.uk/