James Michel

Cisco Netapp Flex Pod I3 Architecture From ANS

Press release   •   Aug 02, 2013 14:52 IST

Manchester, UK – July 20, 2013: ANS introduces the most innovative cisco net app flex pod architecture solutions for data centers – the flexpod i3. Packed with large storage capacity and massive virtual memory, the cisco flex pod i3 architecture is a winner all the way. Developed using the best breeds of technological advancements, this particular flexpod structure is the most innovative data storage network option for data centers and cloud servers. ANS has unified largely all the different and necessary components of data center to create the flexpod i3 architecture. It has helped clients from all across the private as well public sectors to put a restriction on the cost investment while improvising on the performance. By selecting flexpod data center managed service from ANS, a client is accessing the rich wealth of experience for his/her company data center cloud infrastructure. Be it a totally cloud based or premise oriented, ANS ensures that the infrastructure is handled effectively by ANS masterminds, thus trying effectively to free up the clients from burden of carrying out regular update and maintenance of the infrastructure. This allows the client to concentrate more on the core parts of the business without focusing on data center architecture maintenance. ANS offers three levels of support – Standard, Enhanced, and Fully Managed. About the company: ANS Group, the leader in Cloud Computing and Cisco Netapp Flex pod solutions for data centers was founded in 1996. Not only in Manchester but it has office in London too. Even in the period of recession, the company enjoyed near about 80% growth consistency. It shows no signs of falling down but keeps improving by the day. The annual turnover of this company is not less than £47m. Presently, ANS Group is the Netapp Flexpod partner of the year.

ANS brings a new revolution to the cloud data center architecture