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CJB Bouncy Castles Appears in a New Look Inside and Out

Press Release   •   Feb 08, 2013 12:03 IST

The bouncy castle industry is indeed getting highly advantageous for the party scene in United Kingdom. These companies are not only useful as far as the inflatable toys are concerned; they are also highly useful when it comes to the management of parties and get togethers. The lion’s share of the bouncy castle hire Cambridgeshire agencies are now branching out into different avenues of event management; not only do they provide the consumer market with the inflatable toys for the events, they have also started to take on the full responsibilities of managing an entire event. CJB Bouncy Castles has also jumped on to the bandwagon, making it much easier for people to host their events with a lot of items being readily on hire from one place, this reducing the hassles of contacting a number of different agencies for the purpose of securing the different essentials for the event.

CJB Bouncy Castles has recently made quite a few additions to their repertoire, and not just in the section of the inflatables. For starters, anyone visiting the site is in for a pleasant surprise; the company has launched a website that is completely new in appearance and a lot more informative as well.

Food is an essential in every party, and keeping that in mind, CJB has recently added a popcorn machine to their list of products. These machines are available for hire round the year, and come with pre-loaded popcorn enough for 70 1oz servings. The machine is capable of turning out 6 1oz servings every three minutes. Extra servings are also available at a nominal additional price, and you need to place an order for that along with the machine. Along with the popcorn machine, you can also pick the candyfloss machine, yet another new kid on the block. This machine serves 70 as well, and extra helpings will be provided if the order is placed.

Along with the popcorn machine, the bouncy castle hire Cambridgeshire agency, CJB, has also added a whole new range of balloons in its stock of products. These balloons come in a variety of themes and colours, and are filled with helium. These foil and latex balloons are fashioned out of top quality material, and, along with the colourful weights and breezy streamers, are guaranteed to make any get together highly colourful and enjoyable.

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