Coffee Creamers Most Exotic Varieties of Flavors and Brands

Press release   •   Dec 16, 2011 11:42 IST

Coffee, one of the most common and loved beverages in the world, tastes different and delicious with a number of creamers. Coffee creamers were first introduced by Nestle with its delicious non-dairy powdered creamer. In the later years, a number of companies introduced various non-dairy creamers to enrich the taste of this beverage. It was then considered as an ideal substitute for diary products. Creamers were considered beneficial for those who were intolerant to milk products.

Today most of the supermarkets and online stores are flooded with non-dairy coffee creamers of different flavors and brands. There are different brands of creamers which shall be discussed in the following paragraphs.

Different Brands and Flavors

One of the most common flavors includes the Irish cream which is an exotic blend of cream, whiskey and coffee. Other delicious flavors include the hazelnut, mocha or chocolate cream flavors. French vanilla and cinnamon hazelnut are other delicious flavors of coffee creamers available in many of the online and offline stores these days. Coffee-mate is one of the huge manufacturers of creamers of different delicious flavors. Some of the latest flavors introduced in the markets include the Italian sweet cream, Belgian chocolate toffee, Italian sweet creme, Parisian Almond creme, Tiramisu and Hazelnut Biscotti.

Coffee mate has introduced a variety of coffee creamers catering to the tastes and preferences of its consumers. Customers were allowed to choose their taste leading to the introduction of an array of flavors. Some of the flavored varieties include the coconut creme, toffee nut, vanilla nut, French vanilla, coconut creme, chocolate raspberry, Amaretto, vanilla chai spice and Irish creme. The special edition flavors include the Pralines and creme and Blueberry Cobbler. The seasonal flavors include Peppermint, gingerbread, pumpkin spice, Eggnog and Mocha.

The coffee creamers are available in different forms including powdered forms, liquid and concentrate forms. Today companies have introduced various innovative changes in the packaging of these creamers. There are trans-fat free and sugar free creamers available in many of the online and departmental stores today. Liquid form of creamers need to be refrigerated where as powdered form can be stored in shelves. Powdered creamers are available with sugar free and fat-free varieties which are also delicious.

Another Popular Brand of Creamer

International Delight is another popular manufacturer of coffee creamer. It introduced some of the most luxurious and delicious flavors of creamers in the markets. Today it is available in nine different flavors which are quite popular for its taste and texture. The sugar-free and the fat free versions of creamers are also very popular today. The fat free flavors include the fat free Irish creme, fat free cinnamon hazelnut, fat free vanilla and Amaretto.

With so many different flavors available in many of the stores today it is easy to make delicious drinks without brewing separate cups of coffee every day. You can easily taste different flavors every day by adding different flavored creams and extracts to your cup of coffee. As most of the creamers contain sugar, fat and cholesterol, it can affect your health in many ways. But it is safe to consume a mug of coffee every day.

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