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Combine Comfort and Aesthetics while Buying Bookshelf and Wardrobes

Press Release   •   Nov 21, 2011 13:53 IST

When it comes to the real pride of our homes, some popular answers would be bookshelves, wardrobes and may be some other specific things which might change person to person. But, bookshelves for the intellectual and wardrobe for everybody is something very personal, something we all are proud about.

Talking about bookshelf designs, albeit it’s a personal choice, not many can afford to have it made with customizations, so for the rest, the mathematics is to choose something amongst the choices at offer. Some effective yet practical tips to choose bookshelves for your homes are pointed out below:

* Once you know the location where the bookshelf would be placed, you get an idea as to what size would be the most appropriate.
* The good thing about bookshelf designs is that most designs are available in many sizes; as in, the same 1000 book holder can be available in smaller sizes within the same design scope, some sort of a mini version. So choosing amongst the many bookshelf designs holds the key. Some popular designs include the traditional square or rectangular design, the customized circular designs, parallel multiple designs, wall aided designs and so on. But what is making news is the segment of abstract art laden bookshelves with hundreds of customizations.
* Next important aspect is the number of rows required. Some small to medium sized bookshelf designs hold more books because of the number of rows (and also the height of rows) as compared to a big customized artistic bookshelf.
* Mahogany, maple, beech, pines, oak and so on, different types of wood have different pros, cons and budgets.
* Another aspect which is not given due importance is the color of the bookshelf; in fact, gone are the days where real wood color/finish was the flavor, for now we have bookshelf designs and themes accommodating colors like blue, fluorescent, pink etc. Bookshelves doing justice to the theme of the room would be a great add-on though.

Coming to wardrobes, the best part about it is that both the genders give it a thumbs-up, that too whole heartedly. Same like the bookshelf designs, wardrobe designs should be such that these should be able to accommodate a bit more than what is expected to fit in ( 125 %, or 1/5th percent more than your clothes is considered good). Another important aspect is the size of the wardrobe, which in turn depends on the first point that is the requirement aspect.

A point to be noted is that unlike bookshelves, the traditional wood color still is more popular than multi colored artistic experiments. Other aspects worth taking into consideration are wood type, budget aspects etc. For people who aren’t very keen to research or read tips, the best way is to go for a good furniture brand within the budget scope. Lastly, for both ‘bookshelf and wardrobe’ designs, a very important factor is the aesthetic look that the furniture would portray. Hence, the aesthetics and the factors above would help someone buy the best of wardrobes and bookshelves.

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