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Conference on Cloud Computing 2010

Press Release   •   Nov 09, 2010 13:05 IST

Conference on Cloud Computing 2010
To be held at 26 November 2010, Novotel, Hyderabad, India.

Cloud Computing has become a watchword for the IT industry as software and services such as e-mail, websites and e-commerce are increasingly available in an on-premises, off-premises or hybrid model depending on business need. Over the last five years, there has been nearly a 40 per cent growth in usage of hosted services. The growth of Cloud Computing creates a tremendous opportunity for SMB's to revisit their IT strategy and critical planning assumptions.  As the market evolves and matures, Cloud Computing will become a viable and cost-effective alternative to on-premises IT for an increasing percentage of requirements. This technology is available to everyone and could be of huge benefit to the SMB.

The diversification of today’s mobile devices has become a common fixture in this fast-paced technology driven world. India is the fastest growing cellular market in the world. With ever rising cellular subscribers, It is estimated that near 550 million people use mobile phones in India. Despite the global slow down, the industry saw its subscriber base going up by 170 million last year, indicating that the boom is here to stay and probably grow larger. Exploring the true prospective of mobile Cloud Computing and Cloud based applications and services for mobile would also be our primary focus at this event. Relying on recent studies - markets will bring in more than $20 billion in revenues over the next five years. In this summit, we will discover how the players of the ecosystem will look at opportunities and overcome challenges for mobile Cloud Computing. We will learn from expert view points and opinions on how we can strategize and draw blue prints of what mobile Cloud Computing should be. Also identifying the business models that will make mobile Cloud Computing business reach its real and full potential.

This Summit will provide you with the data that you need to recognize this complex and rapidly-expanding sector. Knowing the future market, and what impact will that have on future business opportunities? This is your opportunity to stay ahead by learning the latest trends and networking with the trend setters. The Cloud Computing Summit is the place to meet all the key decision makers from all of the Cloud service providers in one place. The summit will address the current state of the market, the business value of the cloud, deployment strategies and integration techniques, security and privacy issues and will take a look into what the future holds for Cloud Computing.

It gives us immense pleasure in welcoming you to the Computing Summit ’2010.

Key Speakers

* Mandar Naik, Director - Platform Strategy, Microsoft
* Rajdeep Dua, India - Country Head - Lead Developer Relations, Google
R Ravichandran, Director, Intel
R Ravichandran, Director, Intel
* ReddyRaja  AnnaReddy, Director of Cloud Computing & SaaS, Imaginea
* Mani Doraisamy, Co-Founder & CTO, Orange Scapes
* Raghavan VSR Madabhushi, Vice President, BodhTree
* Niranjan Hanasoge, Vice-Chairman, IEEE (Computer Society), Software Eng, Google
* Harsh Jegadeesan, Senior Product Manager, SAP Labs

Key Themes Discussed at this Summit

* Current trends of Cloud Computing  environment and how can you take advantage of the global market?
* Discovering technologies and strategies for successful Cloud Computing  management
* Analyzing the successes and challenges of Cloud Computing  in Asian market
* Evaluating the impact of Cloud Computing  in the telecommunications world
* Software-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service present and future outlook
* Witness to the Cloud industries leading service providers, facilitators, integrators and end-users view on the most dynamic business model
* Experience the success stories and lessons on how they have implemented and integrated a Cloud / SaaS solution into their working practices
* Discover why Cloud Computing  is perfect for SME’s
* Infrastructure, Deployment , Integration & Monetizing the Cloud business
* Learn from the industry leaders and emerging players offering to Cloud and SaaS space
* Avoiding potential pitfalls in Cloud Computing  and to improve your clients relationships
* Explore innovative strategies for outsourcing
* Working with limited budget to ensure on time study completion
* Motivating and managing Cloud Computing  project teams to improve timeline and progress
* Optimising Cloud Computing  operation effectiveness for successful ROI
* Next generation of Cloud Computing  – How big will the market be?

Who Should Attend the Meeting

Directors Heads & Managers of:

* Application Services
* Business Services
* Cloud Computing  Programme
* Data Centre Services
* Data Centre Operations
* Enterprise Services
* Hosting
* ICT Services
* Marketing, Operations, Partnerships
* Product Management- Cloud Computing
* Enterprise Software
* Managed Services/Cloud Computing
* R&D
* XaaS Services
* Xaas Products
* Service Delivery
* Strategy
* Telecoms
* Technology

Why Should You Attend

Cloud Computing Summit 2010 - “Everything as a Service – First ever Cloud Computing  Summit in India with full Business Opportunity & Supply Chain”

Get more from the event, with a broader scope bringing the whole communications value chain together. Enjoy and make the best out of our dedicated networking drinks time, meet the leading international vendors showcasing the technology of tomorrow in the co-located exhibition.  Expand your knowledge of the latest business models and technologies in the high-level conference.

Day 1

08:30 – Coffee and registration

09:30 – Chair’s opening remarks


09:40 – Morning Keynote Address: Cloudscape: A new definition to services.

•    A study on the global & Indian Cloud Computing markets.
•    Understanding what makes one Cloud Computing  a “must-have” compared to another technology
•    Identify key benefits of enterprise class Cloud Computing
•    Unique & innovative marketing and consumer strategies.
•    Business values through differentiation and breaking into new markets & increase ROI

10:10 – Cloud changes everything - Even your SLAs: managing the people, technology & culture change in your business

•    Focusing on the future and ensuring you have the people, systems, processes and infrastructure in place to promote collaboration and effective communication
•    Developing winning business, operational and transformational change
•    Creating a sound power-sharing strategy between your teams and your vendors

10:40 - Panel Discussion: Forecasting future Cloud based services & applications in telecommunications market

•    Is ‘mobile Cloud Computing’ a distinct domain in itself? Or is it more about ‘Web Cloud providers going mobile’
•    What are the key issues and key advantages for mobile Cloud Computing?
•    Will enterprises be the key drivers for Mobile Cloud Computing?
•    Which applications would be most likely to benefit from Mobile Cloud Computing?
•    Mobile Cloud Computing can be implemented at many levels in the Telecoms stack: The Device/Platform, the Operator; The Mobile Web; Infrastructure; SIM. Any more potential ways in which mobile Cloud Computing can be implemented? And what are the pros and cons of the approaches?

Moderator –

Panelists –

11:10 – Morning coffee & Discussion

11:30 – Intel Cloud Vision 2015

R Ravichandran, Director, Intel


12:00 – Panel Discussion: Evaluating key emerging markets for improved strategy

•    Value propositions of IaaS, SaaS, & PaaS
•    If you sell on-demand, shouldn't you be buying on-demand?
•    Opportunities and trends in Cloud technology
•    Emerging Cloud Computing markets that are hottest today?
•    Virtualisation and the future of Cloud Computing

Moderator –

Panelists –

Mandar Naik, Director - Platform Strategy, Microsoft

Mani Doraisamy, Co-Founder & CTO, Orange Scapes

Raghavan VSR Madabhushi, Vice President, BodhTree

ReddyRaja  AnnaReddy, Director of Cloud Computing & SaaS, Imaginea

12:30 – VIRTUALISATION - Technologies with ultra low-cost endpoints

•    Indentifying strategies to cope with the latest technological developments
•    Break through for you access to the best innovations
•    Creating, re-using, cloning and maintaining a complete software stack in a simple, consistent and predictable manner

13:00 – Networking luncheon


14:00 – Afternoon Keynote Address: Impact of Cloud Computing in the telecommunications world

•    Examining the current Cloud Computing  market and identifying the opportunities that Cloud services present for operators now and in the future
•    Finding the appropriate and suitable business model for your organisation to reap the benefits of Cloud Computing
•    When and how operators should make use of Cloud services themselves to create new revenue streams and minimise costs
•    Strong understanding of converged networks – Learn on how to deploy new mobile Cloud services

14:30 – Panel Discussion: Infrastructure, Deployment & Integration strategies

•    Importance of IT becoming business service focused and ensuring risk mitigation, cost optimization and differentiation
•    Identifying the anticipated advantages of a successful migration to Cloud Computing  for greater efficiency and cost reduction
•    Monetizing the Cloud business

Moderator –

Panelists –

Rajdeep Dua, India - Country Head - Lead Developer Relations, Google

Harsh Jegadeesan, Senior Product Manager, SAP Labs

15:00 - The enterprise private cloud: from Infrastructure to Applications

•    Applications, platforms and infrastructures – manageable features to enter the cloud
•    At what level of organisational size and IT maturity does it make sense?
•    The Importance of specific technology models and implementation options to Enterprise

Mandar Naik, Director - Platform Strategy, Microsoft

15:30 – Afternoon tea


15:50 – Panel Discussion: Cloud Governance, Stability & Security

•    Introducing recent developments in Cloud governance and challenges for the same
•    Addressing existing legal and regulatory constraints as well as operational risk factors
•    Identifying the top security risks when moving to the cloud, data centre
•    Technically understanding how Indian companies can work in harmony with the European Cloud Computing  framework for better future
•    Lessons to be learned - Analysing the latest trends, business effects and how to fight them

Moderator –

Panelists –

Niranjan Hanasoge, Vice-Chairman, IEEE (Computer Society), Software Eng, Google


16:20 – Google Cloud Offerings

•    Google App Engine – Platform as a service offering
•    Google App Engine for businesses and its integration with Google App’s.
•    Google storage
•    Big query and prediction API’s

Rajdeep Dua, India - Country Head - Lead Developer Relations, Google

16:50 – Cloud Security - What’s happening? Is it secure or just another fad?

•    Exploring the major security concerns and issues for Cloud Computing
•    Analysing the situation - Recent software operators who have incorporated the Cloud to provide resilience and availability to their networks
•    Tackling the issue of detecting the malicious cloud
•    Data protection and security – what is difficult about it?

17:20 - Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of conference

17:30 – Networking Drinks Session

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Conference on Cloud Computing 2010

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